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Re: Do you self-diagnose at home?

@Glory1 wrote:

Sorry to hear your stressed @Poppysmum. Here's hoping you feel better soon heart


Thank you Smiley Happy


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Re: Do you self-diagnose at home?

@jonsie wrote:

The NHS up here have been brilliant for me, not just in the last two years, as far back as I can remember. I would never use self diagnosis, that's far too dangerous in my opinion.

Glad they have been brilliant for you @jonsie 



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Re: Do you self-diagnose at home?

Generally speaking the NHS have been really good for me and close family.
I do know of some horror stories though - wife's sister had an ovarian cyst that was left for 9 months before they did anything. While removing it they knicked something else (not sure what) and has had to have 4 further surgeries to correct it.
I think there are good and bad points to the NHS. The front line staff (Dr's and nurses) are in the main simply fantastic. There will be the odd one or two that give others a bad name - for instance that chap off 24 hours from a couple of weeks ago!
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Re: Do you self-diagnose at home?

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Hi @Marjo 


Funny thing about researching a symptom is that there are lots of symptoms that are similar to one another!frowning2


Never would use online Dr.  

I would never self-diagnose

I take my own Blood Pressure occasionally. (bought a machine)

If I'm not sure about something I use the Surgery's Pharmacist ~ she is always helpful, she is also experienced and will often say pop into see doc.  We are now encouraged to ask our Pharmacist 

she can also advise a hospital visit via the doc's appointment system.  She is also available to take blood pressure test too.  Very useful for advice.


We can use a telephone call with doc if necessary  or

we can use a linked doc service outside surgery hours at our local hospital 

this little hospital is local charity supported in many different ways (legacies, hospital shop in town, donations etc.)  by the people in our Market Town and is a superb  addition to our community ~ appointments made via own doc surgery.  If worried can see a Doctor in a day.