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Complaints Department

Does anybody know of any contact details for the O2 complaints department?

I'm probably be being a bit blind, I can't seem to find anything anywhere :robotsurprised:
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Complaints Department

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You can contact them either by email. letter or fax.Not too sure of the telephone number.

O2 Complaints Review Service

PO BOX 694


SO23 5AP


Tell them:
• Your name and address
• Your mobile and account numbers
• A daytime phone number
• A suggestion of how they can put things right

Hope this helps

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Complaints Department

thank you so much, that is fantastic Smiley Happy
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Complaints Department

As far as I know, they only have a postal address for complaints. Not much help i know, because I havent got it any more, but you can ring 100 and ask for it.
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Don't bother!

The email address of the complaints dept is complaints@o2mail.co.uk

My advice to you is not to bother, I have over the past few days written more than my fair share of complaining emails and the message always comes back asking for some random form of account ID (password, bank sort code?, address, inside leg measurement) however, when you reply giving them this information the message disappears without a trace and you never hear back from them. If you do email make sure that you put as much account information in as you can first time.

The best option is to write to:
O2 complaints Review Service, PO Box 116, Leeds, LS11 5DS

Good luck
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Complaints Department

Argh, this company are really starting to get on my wick!

Thanks for the heads up Smiley Happy
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Re: Complaints Department

i find it quite insulting to discover that companies like o2 make such blatantly disingenuous pledges. like a happiness guarantee they clearly have no intention of honouring. customer service that you cannot speak to and when you do get in touch with someone they seem to have an IQ of -1. they direct you to their complaints page with promises of wanting to resolve tour issue and a link to web chat which is only of use to someone who wishes to kill time just chatting online with a random person who could care less. they fob off and make promises they know will come to nought. assuming at some stage you will give up. if you do not they give you an 0844 number then disconnect you. contemptuous. you supply them all the info they ask for including their own reference numbers and they still do not seem to have a clue. then as insult they provide a 'community' forum. so we can discuss how bad they are. like just how little does a company need to care about its customers to have a forum filled with disgruntled and aggrieved customers. if they were at all bothered. they would have someone reading this stuff and doing something positive about it. i am so cynical about o2 that i think if they do have anyone looking through these posts they do so in order to find new and better ways of stitching us up. discovering just how many turn round and say don't bother. short term ism. o2 is a dinosaur. if o2 really thinks this sort of appalling service is the way to go they will eventually run out of customers to rip off. then they go under. but then agsin... it is s company. they go under all the time. the staff at the top who make the big bucks. they will not be hurt. they just move to the next dinosaur. do not let such practices put you off doing what you have to do. write he letter of complaint. if they fail to resolve it to your reasonable satisfaction then take the matter further. i go to the CAB get a case number. get written instructions from them and follow them. o2 relies on people giving up. not being bothered or not being able to face the task. too much effort? or do not believe it will get anywhere. this is what such companies rely upon. i used to love using o2. now i would not recommend them to anyone. apalling.
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Re: Complaints Department

When you're through ranting, if you actually said what the problem is, perhaps someone here might be able to help you. Barring that, there are addresses in posts above where you can write to make a complaint.


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Re: Complaints Department

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@Anonymous wrote:
i find it quite insulting to discover that companies like o2 make such blatantly disingenuous pledges.

You have found a four and a half year old thread to post that diatribe in order to have a moan in a manner that makes little sense.


I hope you get whatever it is you're looking for, it's hard to guess from this.........

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Re: Complaints Department

Hi sparkswillfly,

I'm Toby, the community coordinator.

I'm more than happy to give you hand if you would like, feel free to send me a message (by going to my profile page and using the link in the top right)
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