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Can I cancel my contract within 7 days?

Hi guys.
I bought this iPhone 5 on Monday. I got told by an O2 salesman that I would have A) good reception and signal in my area and B) it would also be covered for 3G network access to the Internet. However it does not have either. I bought this phone in store and it it has poor signal and no Internet connection. So basically I got lied too. I also tried speaking to an O2 customer service lady on the website and she said there was ' maintenance ' and it will be up and running within the next 24 hours. However, that was Also a lie.
I would like to know if there is any possibility of getting a refund or exchange of this phone as I am very disappointed and can not use this phone to its full potential in my area as I got told I would be able too.
Thanks for your time.
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Re: Can I cancel my contract within 7 days?


Sorry your having issues.

You do have 7 days to return the phone back to the shop.

Have you used the 02 Network in your area before without issue.

It's possible your local mast is having issues. http://status.o2.co.uk/

Or the phone could have an issue. Ensure 3G is turned on within the phones settings.

It's also possible the sim is at fault. Removing and wiping it sometimes helps or 02 could supply a replacement and action a sim swap in store which again takes from approx 2 hours to 24 hours to settle.

Contact 02 on 202 to ensure your account is fully activated.

Hope all goes well for you.
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Re: Can I cancel my contract within 7 days?


Thanks for getting back to me.
This is the first time I have gone on o2 as i got told I would have good reception and 3G.
I have contacted the 02 customer service helpline and both came to the conclusion it's best popping into one of your stores and discussing it there and then.
If there was a possibility of cancelling it, i would beacuse i can not use it to its full potential as promissed.

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Re: Can I cancel my contract within 7 days?

Before I chose 02 I got hold of a payg sim and tried the network out where I reside, commute and work to ensure I received good signal and data coverage.

The coverage checker is not 100% accurate I'm afraid.

Maybe update your thread with the eventual outcome after visiting the 02 Store before the 7 day cooling off period.