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This is the start of my journey in which I am going to expose the poor level of customer service keycare provide and the untrustworthy way in which hey operate.

On Friday 18th August, I dedcided to take my young children 2 and 6 to birmingham sealife centre for a day out. During my trip somehow my silver key part had detached from the fob of my peuogot key. When I left my car my key was 100 per cent in tact and in know way damaged or broken. All I had left was a plactic key fob. I was clearly panicked when this came to light when we were back at the car, but felt some sense of calm knowing that my insurance policy had keycare cover.
My phone battery had died so I went back to the sealife centre to see if my key had been handed in and asked kindly to borrow their phone.

I got through to keycare and explained my situation, to be told that I am not covered??????? !!!

I was shocked to say the least....You had made an exclusion which is totally ridiculous! I had lost my key! It was not damaged or broken at the start of the day and I was now with two children and no transport and 60 odd miles from home!

They lady said there was nothing she could do and I would have to find help elsewhere!

By this point I was crying and shaken up. She hung up the phone and left me and my children in despair.

Now I feel that the point in which you wish not to cover me is a cop out..and you are cheating customers out of money! and giving them false reassurance by having this rubbish policy! Also you are encouraging people to lie! I told the truth and all I got was a kick in the teeth!

My main isusse here is that the call was dealt with no compassion, empathy or was any level of customer care delivered.

The advisor was aware that I had no mobile phone and had all the infformation and numbers to help me with a matter of seconds! Instead left me to deal with this myself whilst trying to control my emotions and my children.

I hope that you can see the lack of customer experience I have recieved and I look forward to hearing from you. I am now out of pocket for the replacement key and the upset that we dealt with is not repairable.

I am giving you that oppertunity to rectify this I will then be asking for a copy of the recording and I am going to warn people about these false policies and what bad customer service sounds like.

I would like a resolution asap as I am not dragging this terrible situation on any further.

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This isn't O2 you are addressing here.

Please use link above to complain officially.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Unfortunately @Anonymous this is not customer service and O2 won't see this at all. Either call them direct or make a complaint.


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Hello @Anonymous,

We are sorry to hear about your poor experience. But, as they said, the O2 community is a group of customers like you, happy to answer questions, discuss O2 or chat about any related topic, but we are not Customer Service.


Please make sure to follow their advice if you’re unhappy with how your issue has been handled by O2 so far. If it helps, you can check your policy documents on My O2 Drive.

Let us know how it goes Wave


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Worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of coming across my advice would be recorded all conversations they struggle with the truth !
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