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iPhone XR and O2 compatibility issues

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To whom it may concern

Regarding my phone contract I have unfortunately been a sufferer of the iPhone XR and 02 compatibility software issues for 5 and half months of my contract start date in august. The reason for this email is as follows
i for the 5 or so months have visited my local 02 shop to be told it is a Apple issue each and every time at least once possibly twice a month all documented by myself and your 02 store , every kind of check to phone software and device has been carried out eliminating any other issues

I have consistently gone down to Apple store two shops down to be told it’s a 02 issue seemingly taking me around in circles
Now when I say the complete signal loss is regular I mean 2-3 times a day
Right so after that brief description of the goings on re. my account on your database should confirm all of the above and more
Today has been a absolute nightmare experience regarding your customer service and Apples .
I have called 02 midday today after phone dropping signal 3 times they advised me there’s nothing they can do for me as per usual contact Apple
My Apple call went along the lines of we are still working on a software issue can you borrow a phone from a friend until they have the new software available
(Outrageous , I know ! )
And added this really isn’t our issue
You should talk to O2 who should be giving you a later device As of some buyers guarantee contract with yourselves (I had never heard of )
Hense why they are not accountable or obliged to do anything
Any way for 5 this eve I get a appointment at the Bluewater Apple shop to discuss this issue When arriving the girl asked me at the front desk why I am here I explain immediately tells me there is no chance of them doing absolutely anything more than what has been done I have a little set to regarding the fact that the phone has a 12 month warranty of which they tell me it’s not the phone with the issue it’s the Network If they send the device off to be fixed it will only say that there is no issues hence why the phone cannot be changed by themselves then told again to go to O2 store which is a couple of doors up in the bluewater store To sort out once and for all
In going to the O2 shop and greeted by a young lad who understood the issue Along with the lady who I think was the manager they then advised to turn the phone into a eSIM phone which I have no knowledge of they did this immediately and without consent or explaining what it actually was and said that that will sort out all issues
Upon walking out of the store I tried to make my work calls To Have a constant error message saying call failed
Driving home from Bluewater I made another call to O2 who then informed me that they would make a contribution of two months free airtime and £10 credit The error message will go away After a hour or so
So after an hour of not going away I made another call to O2 and was informed that the fact that put an E Sim in the phone had complicated issues even furtherI would not be a solution to the software phone issue
the new Sim card has been sent out to me and I am unable to use my phone until the Sim card arrives ,
the issue with this is I run a roofing company of which I rely on my phone to be on at all times I am missing calls at this moment I have missed calls for the past five or so months it’s ridiculous how is this acceptable I need you to rectify this mistake it is unreal that you have let it get to this stage I pay my bill regularly I never missed a payment treated and fairly is an understatement
Could someone please contact me immediately with a solution
If needed I can add all screenshots of the signal dropping going back to September 13 when enquiry was first made thank you
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Hi @Denny122 

I'm sorry, this is not O2, it's a community forum. If you wish to make an official complaint then you need to follow the procedure here... 

*The Game Is On*

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You might want to Google CEO O2 and drop his office an email. This issue is well documented on here and as far as I'm concerned it is down to Apple to release an update to iOS.

However, your contract is with O2 and the responsibility in selling an expensive phone that is unfit for purpose is with them.....

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Thankyou It’s all with odbusman now
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