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constant failings from o2 relating to fraud investigation

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we were contacted by who had every single one of our details on 7 March

on 8 march we called o2 reported as fraud and they blocked pac code beng used and opened fraud investigation

at that time we were told when fraud investigation was complete we could get upgrade

this happened, new phone new tariff

on 26 april they allowed to use a blocked and out of date pac code to take over the phone and withing hours had disconnected us saying sorry you are leaving

this was followed by threats of debt collection because they could not collect monthly payment after being advised to canel the DD because of fraud, 

now 10 june, nothing from 2nd fraud investigation and despite having pac code two weeks ago from plan who admitted their errors and failings, admitted we have no working acocunt with them as it was never set up and o2 will not use to bring us back to them because 2nd fraud investigation is still ongoing, they also still want to chase debt for phone that was disconnected on 26 april and still not switched back on

this was all on my partners phone and to top it off last week i was contacted on my number by AQL who tried to convince me they were o2 and they knew every single detail of my account including how much my bill was to the penny

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You will appreciate @msportmel that this is a customer to customer community. Whilst we give advice, we are unable to access accounts or to give direct help.


Whilst I have huge sympathy for your predicament, it is probably worth mentioning that O2 might be unable to give you an update whilst their fraud investigation is ongoing. They have to comply with both criminal law and Money Laundering Regulations and this could be jeopardised if they update you whilst their case is incomplete. It is also possible that your case has been subsumed into a wider investigation if the same fraudster has other "victims" in addition to you.


I believe that other O2 customers have had similar issues to you in that fraud investigations seem to have been unduly lengthy. In fact, last Autumn, there were several national newspaper articles and even a programme on TV about fraud against O2. You can find details of those if you search this forum. They will give you useful background information.   


I would keep reminding O2 about this, at least so they do not forget about you !


Please keep us informed of developments.

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