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So, I have had issues with my network for the last 8/9 weeks constantly, where I have no service indoors, or outdoors.  I raised this with O2, I was provided with a new sim card which done nothing.  I've been with O2 for about 18 months at this point, and my network signal at home has always been choppy. 


There are many failings within the complaint itself, and service received.  All i'm going to say, is STAND YOUR GROUND, don't let these cowboys try and fool you, and give you delaying tactics.


I was constantly told to wait one more week whilst we wait for the networking team to give me a call, to date, they never have.  There is nothing anyone could do, as no one has a physical phone number for the networking team, its all done via referrals on a form.


Here a list of issues I faced, and eventually got the resolution I wanted (release me from my CCA agreement, and line rental without any termination fees).


1) Constantly used delaying tactics and told to wait one more week for the networking team to call.  I had spent over 5 hours on the phone to O2 over the course of 8/9 weeks, trying to resolve THEIR problem.  

2) A complaint was raised by email on 13 November, where I received an auto response which states '

We've received your email and will look into it as soon as possible. We'll be in touch once we've assessed the matter and we aim to do this within 7 working days'.  No one responded to myself within 7 working days, which goes against their own complaints code, as no update was provided.

3) When a final response was finally issued to me on 7 December 2023, it was wrong.  It states 'You confirm that the coverage is poor both inside and outside of your property. As a resolution to your complaint, you wish for the signal in the area to be increased.'  This is not what I requested, I requested to terminate my contract free of charge.  The final response also offers a measly £30 compensation.  The final response also states 'However, the nearest mast to you is over 1.5km away and then the next one is over 2.0km away. This will be cause of the poor coverage you receive', but the network checker online confirms I should receive full 4G indoors, and outdoors. 

4) I went back to my complaint handler on the same day, but didn't receive any response until today (12 December 2023).    My response to the Final Response Letter states the below: 


'First of all, I thought you were going to call myself today to discuss the complaint, as per the SMS issued at 11:45; I’ve not received any phone call from you, not one missed call, and no voicemail has been left.  I am not available until after 3pm for phone calls today. 
The compensation awarded is poor, given the amount of time I have spent on the phone to you guys (over 5 hours), chasing up your issues.  Have you listened to any of the phone calls I have had with multiple agents, given that I am being told mis-information constantly, being told to wait one more week from your networking team.  No one from your network team has contacted me, in the last 8 weeks since reporting the issue.  I am constantly told to ‘wait one more week’ by your agents; I am fed up of your constant delaying tactics by your agents, and yourself. 
The service being provided is not good enough, and not what I signed up for.  Your network coverage checker confirms that I should receive 4g, good enough for indoor usage, and outdoor usage; the service checker also confirms that I am not on the ‘cusp’, or any blackspot.  Your service is shockingly bad.  Given that none of this was explained to myself on your website, that my signal in the area may be weak, poor or sporadic in my area, I want to cancel my mobile contract under the supply of goods and services act 1982.  Your website has provided myself with mis-leading information relating to the services being offered in my home area.  On top of this, the finance agreement can be cancelled, and the goods will be returned to you.  I work in financial services, and I am well aware of how a CCA regulated agreement works.  This can be cancelled, upon return of the goods, and the balance on the account drawn to £0, with the credit file being shown as settled.'
5) I received a phone call from said complaint handler today (12 December).  I pointed out all the flaws within the letter; the agent confirmed she hasn't listened to any phone calls from the agents, even though this is pivotal given that the notes on the account may not reflect the conversation held.  I question the complaint handler on what time she called me originally on 07th December, she couldn't provide a time.  I questioned whether she has had a response from the networking team, she hasn't so in my view, the complaint isn't finalised as it's still outstanding, she was unwilling to move from her original decision. I expressed that my complaint has not been investigated thoroughly, the resolution of 'You confirm that the coverage is poor both inside and outside of your property. As a resolution to your complaint, you wish for the signal in the area to be increased' is not an accurate reflection of what I want, and these words never came out of my mouth; she stated that this isn't what I said (the letter says otherwise), and that its standard wording.  
6) I requested to speak to her manager, she refused as she has the final decision on the complaint and that I need to go to the ombudsman.  I read out the terms and conditions (2.2) within my contract which state that I can leave, penalty free, if my service is degraded over a certain period of time.  She was still unwilling to do anything about it, so in essence, she is breaking their own terms and conditions here.  I expressed my dissatisfaction, that they are breaking their own terms and conditions, there own complaints code, the inadequate investigation of my complaint due to lack of call listening, response from other departments etc, and that I have already raised these issues with the CEO office (email, freely available on the internet) to be investigated further.
7) I further explained that I have been mis-sold services from your website, given that the signal in my area is meant to be full 4G.
At this point, the complaint handler finally agreed to terminate my contract, and release me from my CCA regulated agreement, with no penalty upon return of the device.  I've agreed, but this won't be the end of it.  I will wait for someone from the CEO office to call myself, hopefully apologise, and then I will ask for the funds to be returned over the last 2 years of the phoen that I have paid for, that I no longer have hold of.
Stand your ground, do not let these cowboys try to walk all over you.


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You wont get a refund off o2 for the past 2 years, you might get a bit of a go away money, if the exec office uphold your complaint.. but you have had use of the phone for 18 months

The Coverage Checkers are a computer simulation based on perfect conditions, and doesnt take into account the laws of physics when it comes to radiowaves penetrating whatever your building is built with or anything in the way and it clears states this at the bottom of the page 



No mobile network guarantees coverage, and nor do they guarantee 100% service uptime.. and 8/9 Weeks for a service outage is not actually that long in the Telecoms Industry, especially when access is needed and NIMBY councils dont allow them to actually fix things.. 


Good luck with the Exec Office and the ADR if needed as they may and most probably find against you..  Sorry to say but to me this a crock of rubbish complaint.. 

- Xperia 1V - o2 and Spusu
- Pixel 8 Pro - o2 and Vodafone UK
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You're right, the checker is a simulator, but when the coverage checker is providing information regarding services that are available in the area, if this is inaccurate, then this is deemed as a mis-sale given the infactual information.  Furthemore, you are protected under the  supply of goods and services act 1982.

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@NathJones30 No one from the CEO's office will call you. If you want this to eventually go to the Ombudsman you need to lodge a formal complaint and it needs to go to deadlock: How to Complain | Help | O2


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You said 8/9 weeks but the coverage checker only predicts coverage when everything is working OK. It's not updated in real time.

My Network App is a better bet and shows faults as soon as reported and gives you the chance to report and be kept updated.

Best of luck going forward. 


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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@NathJones30 wrote:

You're right, the checker is a simulator, but when the coverage checker is providing information regarding services that are available in the area, if this is inaccurate, then this is deemed as a mis-sale given the infactual information.  Furthemore, you are protected under the  supply of goods and services act 1982.




If you want to pursue this complaint, you need to go through your original post, summarise the issues and make it clear what you are complaining about. You seem to have conflated network issues, customer service and other problems. And you need to separate out facts from your opinion and the impact of O2's perceived failings on you. Sub-headings and bulleted lists work well.    


You also need to ensure that your words are factually accurate. I do not believe that you are "....protected under the supply of goods and services act 1982" as that legislation was repealed with effect from 30 September 2015 :-


Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 - Which?


OK, there is replacement legislation but if you make a claim citing the wrong statute in (say) the small claims' court, your claim will be dismissed. You also need to keep your claim reasonable as UK the legal system does not generally allow punitive claims. 


Please let us know if we can help you further.     

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