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Community platform bugs, issues and suggestions

Hey everyone, This topic is a place where we will keep the community updated about the status of any issues or bugs affecting the community platform that we are aware of and have reported. We will keep an up to date tracker of what the issue is, when...

Martin-O2 by Former Staff
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Guide Updates

GUIDE UPDATESRecent discussions HERE about locking guides a week or so after they were posted, resulted in an agreement to have a section where all of us could ask for a guide to be updated if we felt it necessary. So I'll start it off. The first gui...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
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C905 Faults!!

Hello there.Basically just posting to moan about a fault i've had with my C905.Basically I can no longer hear anyone when they phone me or when I phone them. The only solution round this is to put my loudspeaker on!Unfortunately, this is the second t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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O2 Customer Services

I know some people have issues with O2 CS, yes I had a few but lately I've found they've got a lot better.I bought an Iphone around 6 weeks ago and being rather techno-impaired had a lot of difficulty in getting started. Called O2 and sometimes mixed...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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My £1,378.25 Bill over 10 Days!

I was on o2 for 5 years or more. My monthly bills were always around £60-£100 and that is including bills whilst abroard.I found a much better deal on Orange and my o2 contract was almost up so i began with Orange and Switched over my Number, I recei...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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£2000 bill for calls to Pakistan

Hello. My son lost my phone - or had it stolen. Anyway, the upshot is that someone has got hold of it and spent 30 hours of calls to Pakistan.The bill to me will be over £1500 and i just do not have that kind of money. Feel a bankruptcy coming on. Ne...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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cheers o2 for sending me the wrong phone !!!

Why is it that when ordering a new phone the sales patter is sooo helpful, promises of prompt delivery, and that software is included, then the order arrives late, is completely the wrong phone, did`nt have any software with that one so will it be wi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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unfair upgrades

Hi,i have just come to the end of my 18 month contract with 02. I have been with the company as long as they have existed, and was a BT Genie customer prior to that. That makes a good 8 years of custom, I am on a 20.00 a month contract, but regularly...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Wonderful surprise - not!

Just checked out my o2 surprise after topping up yesterday.. wow... 20 anytime mins to o2 numbers... I will just add that to the 500 unused o2 numbers minutes I have remaining till it resets tomorrow.My scepticism about this promo has been well rewar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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EDGE Coverage

Hey O2 folk reading this, when do you plan on having an EDGE Coverage map out? It's missing in the majority of York which is fairly appalling considering the size of the city.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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connecting an itouch to a 3g phone possible?

I was would like to buy an itouch but would also like to be able to connect to a 3g network when wifi spots are not available. I dont want to go for the iphone cos 16gb is a small fraction of my music libraryI came across a mention of a software call...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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