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Virgin + O2 Sim migration

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Hello all, Just looking for some advise.


18mths ago i Renewed my Virginmedia package at that time i had a Virgin sim card and so did my partner. 

As part of the deal they moved my sim to O2, but not the other one.

So we decides to migrate the other across separately with the intent of trying to benefit for the household discount on the second sim.


That was a plan that did not work out, but thats another story.


Anyways we are back round for renewal and i have i have just renewed my sim deal on a uswitch black friday deal.


We also want to change my partners but this time we want to get the deal along with migrating it correctly this time into the household but the main thing is for her to keep her number.


For some reason her sim ended up in my name but a different log on to mine. (This is all due to the way VM worked)

So my questions,


Can i get the sim transferred to her name?

   This sim is on a one month rolling contract.


If we request the PAC code can she just order a new sim and it will transfer? (any complications that the original sim is in my name)


How does the household discount work if you want different account owners?


thanks in advance.







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Your partner will need to apply for their own contract and pass the credit checks, then you can migrate the number across.

Apply for your multisave discounts within the first month Guide: O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to sign up 

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