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Unfair charges due

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Hi. I had bought an apple iphone with O2 contract but soon cancelled the contract due to very poor O2 customer service. There was no way to contact them apart from phone. They took too long to answer and their operators were useless who hangup midway. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them again recently and sadly it’s still the same 2 years on.

Anyhow, my credit rating has been destroyed as O2 has been claiming I’m due 330£ towards them. I came to know about this as my credit score was surprisingly low even though i have no debts and pay all bills on time. This happened when I’m applying for a mortgage. I asked for a detailed credit report and came to know about this.

I called O2 to enquire about this unfair debt enforced upon me. They said i had called back last year in May to switch my O2 number back on and they put me on monthly billing as opposed to pay as you go which i had asked for. According to them, they called me twice to switch it to pay as you go and i did not pick up. No email contact/texts/voicemails were left for me informing me of this. I had not been using my O2 number since then and did not know i was being billed for it. Couple of months ago i got an email from O2 out of nowhere that i am due a bill of 280£. I thought this was a mistake and replied to not send this email as i do not use O2. I called O2 to resolve this but they were unhelpful about it. I called again to tell them to resolve this otherwise i am going to escalate to telecommunications ombudsman and requested them for a deadlock letter. Operator advised manager cannot come on same phone due to social distancing and will call me back within 24 hours which i did not get. I also asked operator to email me this , she said she will but did not do so. Any ideas of what else can i do to resolve this? My credit rating has been destroyed. I want an apology and compensation for it. Thanks for your help.
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Hi @Complaints1 

you can make a complaint via the correct channels 

Contact details


O2 Complaints Review Service
PO BOX 694
SO23 5AP


Please note the help that Resolver can give you. 

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