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Support from O2 around Galaxy watches is terrible.

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Purchased a Galaxy watch 4 classic 4G on release from O2 directly. But the plan being sold is only a data SIM to remotely connect to the phone. The watch is capable of making and receiving phone calls on its own without linking to a phone in anyway. So I had the contract cancelled and purchased a watch directly from Samsung, still interested in using the 4G I took out a SIM with minutes and texts as well as a 5GB data allowance for £3 extra a month. Everything worked, except for making calls directly from the watch which gave the message "Only emergency calls can be made." Disappointed, I had the SIM cancelled. I started to doubt the watch was capable of being a standalone device until Samsung confirmed it but said I'd have to use another network.


Today the wearable app was updated and Samsung have now blocked O2 customers from scanning eSIMs (which are still being sold)

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The watch is designed to work both ways depending on the setup of the network infrastructure...


BT(EE) do it one way, Vodafone do it another, and o2 another way.... Sounds like Samsung throwing its toys out of the pram and not actually helping the customer, and Samsung probably haven't told any of the global networks about this, who use this method... 


Its Oppo (OnePlus) all over again......

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