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Smart watch

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I have been wanting to get myself a smartwatch but it has to be practical.  So far, I have only came across two brands which hold my interest. Due to the solar charging and power reserve capabilities. So one is Garmin who make a bunch of GPS, Solar Power charged watches which will work on iOS and Android,


Tissot also do another solar powered watch in their T-Touch collection which is aimed at sporty things as well as the usual SMS and notifications.


I'm not a snob just feel charging a battery over a wall connection or magnetic wireless charger to be a step backwards. The only downside to Solar is the renata cell batteries do add additional cost to the product and due to the WR rating on these devices they need an authorised workshop to fix.


Here are a couple of links to the devices.


You might think why spend so much money. They are eco-friendly and only need the occasional charge. The build quality is better than an average cheaper smartwatch which also depends on regular charge. The best for value here is the Garmin Instinct.


Those are my thoughts on it.


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