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Rude Voicemail from o2?

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I received a voicemail on Thursday from an o2 number. The voicemail only lasts 4 seconds in which I can clearly hear a woman say: “Hey you’re just making me not like you as a person. You’re ******ing annoying.”
I should clarify I do have this number blocked due to them calling me on numerous occasions despite me saying I am not interested in whatever they’re trying to sell in numerous occasions before. I should also clarify I have never spoken to this woman in any shape or form, all I have done is declined the calls and blocked the number.
This voicemail has left me quite distraught and riddled with anxiety, I like to keep my reputation with o2 in good standing and I am now paranoid me blocking the number has now tarnished that and this woman’s vulgar attitude has only added to that. I do plan on contacting o2 directly but I am looking for advice as to what else I can do and if any other customers have experienced this before?
Thank you.
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Good morning @Nattie


Firstly, let me reassure you O2 don't leave rude voicemails. And you did the right thing by blocking the number.


Our advice on this forum is never buy anything or agree any contracts from a cold caller over the phone. These calls are often from O2's so-called 'trusted partners' who are anything but trustworthy and tend to lock you into a 24 month business contract you didn't want nor find it easy to get out of.


Please do not worry. Your reputation with O2 remains untarnished and will certainly not be affected by the rude woman who called you. 


By all means contact O2 if it will put your mind at rest. But as I've said declining the call and blocking the number was the right thing to do. This call was definitely not from nor anything to do with O2.


You have done the right thing and should you have any further calls of this nature, make a note of the number, block it and report it to the police as a nuisance call.


You can also change your number, if you are really concerned. O2 will do this once, free of charge, for anyone plagued by nuisance or threatening calls.


I trust I've put your mind at rest and welcome to the forum Welcome


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That will not be O2. It may be a so called trusted partner though, so if you told us the number they called you from we could advise further


We could also let our community managers know the number and they could look into it for you.

Meanwhile this link will help you...


O2's advice on nuisance calls


Hope this helps to reassure you?

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Hi @Nattie, I'm very sorry to hear you've had some issues with one number calling you and leaving unpleasant voicemails, this is definitely not the experience we want for our customers - if you could give us the number it came from, here or via Private Message, I'd be happy to pass on the feedback to the relevant team slight_smile



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