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Roaming suddenly broken in Cyprus

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During a trip to Cyprus I was succesfully roaming for 8 days and suddenly the phone said no service. Rebooting the phone and putting in airplane mode for a few minutes did not help. O2 chat have confirmed there's an issue with roaming in Cyprus. However, despite being on Wi-Fi I was still unable to make/receive calls because O2 block WiFi calling while outside the UK. The signal had come back a day later but no data and still unable to make/receive calls; calls out just proceeded with a 3-beep and "call failure". Again left for days with no ability to make/receive calls because of the inability to use Wi-Fi calling. I managed to get Wi-Fi calling working briefly by disabling location services for SystemServices->Phone, rebooting and putting straight into airplane mode then enabling WiFi. This is a joke that most people won't know how to bypass the block like I did. It's almost as if O2 hate their customers and make it as difficult as possible for it's customers whilst on holiday. First of all fix the roaming issue in Cyprus, but also.. grow up and just enable WiFi calling when abroad, like some other operators have now decided to do; you don't make any money for EU roaming anyway.

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Thanks for your feedback @jonnymk, and sorry to hear about the problems you encountered when roaming in Cyprus! I'll pass on your comments to the business, and if I can find out more on either of the points you raised I'll share the info here slight_smile

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