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Poor Network All Over

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So not sure about anybody else but over the last 6 months ive had a crappy experience with o2 calls constant dropping off, data never working even though device shows 4g or 5g signal in a decent signal area.


I have had a 5G sim sent to me to see if that fixes the issue but doubt this issue lies with a sim card ive never in my life time of owning a pay monthly account had issues with a sim card.


I was driving home from birmingham the other day and had to make the call at least 10 times to get through the call kept ringing but no voice coming from the call then it dropped


Im thinking of calling it a day with o2 as ive now finished my contract and might take my number elsewhere


would like others opinion and experience on this thanks

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Sadly O2 have had more than their fair share of network related issues. They've been caught in a perfect storm of increasing subscribers, higher use, infrastructure not being expanded as fast as competitors esp EE and demographics of users changing due to lockdown. An awful lot more people for example are now working from home resulting in higher usage of handsets and tablets.


Recent changes such as Virgin Mobile ditching Vodafone and starting the process of transferring all its customers onto O2 is going to exasperate the issue further.


The GOOD news however is that O2 were taken over recently and are no longer owned outright by Telefonica but are now Virgin O2 jointly owned by Telefonica and a US Company, Liberty Global.


Investment in addressing these issues is now starting to happen. I've noticed in the Cardiff area that Band 40 has AT LAST been activated, making a welcome addition to capacity. There's some way to go before these issues are rectified but the network is now a top priority for the new owners. 


Its difficult to say if and when you'll notice any change to your service as signal quality is dependent on many local as well as national factors. These include how many masts are in the area, how much capacity they have, how many O2 customers are using the network at any given time, where you are in relation to your closest mast , is 5G activated in your area. You can see now how difficult it is to predict who and where will have a good signal.  


I appreciate there's no real guarantee that your issues will be sorted but I've now returned to O2 after a 3 yr break.


I'm confident about the future with O2 and the new emphasis on the network will deliver results soon.




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