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O2 demise

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Virgin Media have no plans to put lay cable in our street, I've registered my interest each year for over 10 years since it was instaledl in streets either side of my property.

Bear in mind VM only have 57% UK coverage, this merger is biased to VM with no benefit to possible 43% of O2 customers.

I've been an O2 customer since one2one days , though I've changed contracts many times. Also was a O2 broadband customer until its demise, now O2 has demise.


My current contract looks like to be my last!

Bye O2 , thanks for past excellent service

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The 2 companies are still distinct companies in there own right, the merger is beneficial to all has VM have there own Fibre Network which is what is used to carry your mobile data...


Not sure where you get the figures from but VM dont run a mobile network and O2 don't run a Broadband Business, there are always going to be customers on both side who cant get the others services.... 



O2 have never been one2one... One2One became T-Mobile which has become EE (BT)


O2 was Cellnet then BT Cellnet and then MMo2 and now o2.... 

Have you spoken to Virgin Media as to why they wont provide service to your home address? There may be a technical reason etc. 

Good Luck with which ever network you choose... 

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Sorry meant Cellnet


Presume it's a financial decision as Virgin Media said no plans to expand existing areas , unless majority of residents request. We are concentrating on new build home estates. 


I'm going to go with Sky and Sky mobile, so not fully leaving O2 as Sky is an mvno.

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