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Word Hunt Diamond - Tues 10 Aug 2021 - Postponed

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It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform the Diamond Dogs of Words

@Cleoriff  @Anonymous  @pgn  @Anonymous  @BobM  @gmarkj  @Projectionist  @Bambino  @MI5 

@TheresaV  @TallTrees  @jonsie  @LukasB 

- the regulars who take part in the Word Hunt Diamond

and those who joined in with previous games, including @madasaf1sh  @O2EmmaLouise  @Cairdeas 

that the Word Hunt Diamond game for Tuesday 10 August 2021 [tomorrow] has had to be postponed.


The reason is not due to illness [I`m fine]; not because of appointments or commitments; not because I do not want to run the Word Hunt Diamond.


The Word Hunt Diamond has had to be postponed because it would be impossible for me to run it in the way it has been run for the previous 71 games - due to the fact that, with the new format of the Community, the first post on the thread in repeated on each and every page. Over the weekend, I looked at various ways to try and overcome, or get round, this issue; but found this was impossible.

The issue of the first post being repeated on each and every page was first noticed by members of the Community within hours of the launch of the New Look and reported to Community Manager @Martin-O2 ; who informed the platform provider of this, and has reported that the issue is being investigated. Today, three working days after this was first reported, the issue still remains and has not been sorted.


Further to this, I discovered, this afternoon, that posts on topics are in a random order.

This would add further problems to trying to run the WHD. Posts would be out of sync, I would not be able to keep track of posts, and the regular updates would not appear at the top of each new page - as they had been in the past.


In the circumstances, I thought it was only a matter of courtesy to give as much advanced notice that the Word Hunt Diamond has had to be postponed.


The Word Hunt Diamond has become the first victim of the New Look Community.

The blame for the Word Hunt Diamond being postponed rests firmly on the shoulders of the platform provider, who have failed to address and correct the issue.


But rest assured everyone who enjoys taking part in the Word Hunt Diamond games, it is not the demise of one of the most popular games, which also attracts so many views from members who do not take part and promise that once issues have been sorted and the forum, threads and posts return to an easy to manage and use system, then the Word Hunt Diamond will return.


Until then, I want to thank each and everyone of you who has taken part in Word Hunt Diamond of which I am proud and so love running.








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Time to let loose the Dogs of War 🪖🏁

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@Mi-Amigo ... I was tempted to suggest that it be cancelled for this week anyway for these very reasons, so I fully understand your decision. So, no problem and hopefully the teething problems will have sorted themselves (or been sorted out) in time for next week's WHD. 

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Now if only there was another forum that could be used......... 🤓

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@MI5 wrote:

Now if only there was another forum that could be used......... 🤓

Good god not again

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Not applicable

Oh that's a shame, I completely understand how difficult it would be though atm @Mi-Amigo 

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What an absolute disaster @Mi-Amigo. No secret this is my favorite quiz of all. However I fully understand the reason for cancellation. The OP appearing at the top of every new page would throw everything out of sync. I can only imagine what it would look like when 2/3 of the way through the quiz. Your updated list + the op at the top of the page would take up a whole page. What a bloody farce.

@Martin-O2, how long will it take to get this major issue sorted out? 

It's absolutely ridiculous!!!!

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That's a real shame @Mi-Amigo  i often like to look in on wdh quiz eventhough I dont play it but do understand 

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Sorry to hear that @Mi-Amigo. This 'New Look' is 'New Garbage' as far as I'm concerned. Nothing innovative about it, and way too much scrolling. The last upgrade was bad enough. This is the pits, and is now having a detrimental effect on people who frequent the community regularly. Don't expect them to address this issue quickly, if at all. We're still waiting for changes to the last iteration which never came.


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Sorry to hear of tomorrows cancellation.

I completely understand the reasons amd agree having the OP repeat would make life extremely confusing. With the added issue you are having of posts appear in a seemingly random order it would make running the game impossible.

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