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O2 affecting my credit score negatively

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I was an O2 customer for 10+ years and last year I finally made a switch to another network due to having persisting issues with O2's signal even though I was paying for a 5G most times I hardly has 3G (even when I am outside). Before I left I called O2 and asked if there is anything else I have to do to terminate my contract as I am SIM only and had already paid off my phone (10 months prior to termination). The O2  operator said there is nothing I need to do as I was SIM only contract and when I request the PAC, that will initiate the process. So I went on and made the switch. 


After a month or so I get a letter from O2 saying that I owe £145 for early termination or something. I reached out to them saying that the O2 operator confirmed with me that there is no fee other than paying my last balance. They said they will do an internal investigation and reach out to me and after a month and no contact from O2 I get a letter from Moorecraft Debt collectors! I was so distressed at this point and my partner and I had to call them and explain the whole situation which they were understanding off and said that they will reach out to O2 to investigate. fastforward months later, I get another letter from Moorecraft saying they couldn't find anything from their investigation and now the case has been send back to O2 and they will reach out to me. No-one from O2 reached out to me yet again.


Then all of a sudden now it's shown up on my Credit Score and has affected my score negatively quite significantly, especially at a time where I am on the process of speaking to a mortgage advisor for my first property which I have worked very hard to get to this stage. And now even after several follow-ups from my side O2 has not been helpful at all. I am extremely upset and appalled by the way O2 has handled this. Even after more than a year of me leaving O2 I am having to deal with this and carve out time from my work to speak to agents who end up disconnecting my calls without a proper resolution. I can't believe this is now going to delay the process for me even further. 

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You need to contact the CFR team.

The email address is
Or you can write or fax them:
Credit File Referrals Team
Suite P
Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE
Fax 0113 2025865

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
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Me too , they’ve taken 272 points off my credit report due to renewing my contract after being with them 20 yrs plus ..


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@Jue18That would probably be the credit check, especially if you took out an handset

Those scores mean little, they are there for advertisers and companies to target you.

It's the affordability checks that matter.


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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