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Notice of disconnection?

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I received a notice of disconnection in the post implying I owed o2 money which has been escalated to a debt recovery company.

Having only been a pay & go o2 customer as a teen buying top up cards as I needed them. The debt has apparently been accrued from an account taken out in my name with another persons bank details. The fraud team refused to take the case further as the number associated with the account has called my own number and is within my area. Though when I attempted to dial this number it was apparently an incorrect number.

The fraud team also implied they would contact me, they made no effort to do so and when I tried for a second time, left a voicemail that suggested I phone a number which took me to an automated message suggesting if o2 wished to contact me they would do so, bizarre.

The only contract I have taken out in someone elses name was a vodafone contract some years ago for an ex-girlfriend which was summarily paid in full. 

I'm left scratching my head as to how I can owe o2 any money due to my lack of affiliation with them or any of their services and don't need this undue stress in my life associated with unpaid debt. If anyone could shed some light on this situation it would be appreciated.

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Hi @Anonymous you need to call customer service again & chase them up or complain. Resolver gets quicker results.

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As the op seems to have done a lot of what is needed with no success at all then maybe @MercedesS, @Marjo or @Martin-O2 could help?. Having debt recovery threats hanging over your head needs a rapid response I think...:smileysad:

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If they are saying the number associated with the fraudulent account has called you then it would imply this is someone you know or it was someone phishing for information in order to get the information needed to open the account. I can't understand why they won't take it further so maybe if admin can get involved it would certainly help. 


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I've made a complaint via resolver and await response. Backshift for a while so gonna be a pain to chase up. I should also note o2 refused to reveal the identity of the person apparently phoning me from said defunct number. If the account is in my name, regardless if that person is paying for it surely I should be able to access their identity since I would seemingly have to know who they are in the first place?
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Thanks for the mention @Cleoriff.


@Anonymous welcome to our forum! Sorry to hear about what has happened. 😞 I'm going to drop you a PM to ask for some additional details to see if we can help you out in any way.

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