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No Caller ID/Possible Workaround/O2 Appalling Customer Service

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My wife's phone has been playing up and, on closer inspection, had been dropped one too many times. Got a new one and the transfer via cable was surprisingly smooth with only a couple of tweaks needing doing, mainly as she doesn't have a lot of apps. Except caller ID wasn't working. A brief search suggested that this is fairly common and O2 can basically "turn it off and back on again" their end to sort it.

Saturday: Rang O2; eventually got through to an non-UK call centre with awful call quality. The case was escalated, but the "tech" wanted the phone restarted and would call back in 5 minutes. They didn't.

Sunday: Call again, on hold for ages but at least the call quality was OK when I got through. Case escalated again, and we are told that we will be sent a text with a link to try and if the caller ID doesn't function to try an 0300 number. Text doesn't appear, so we try the number. This takes us to Action Fraud! When the text does turn up, it transpires that this is definitely the number they gave us. Ring again and get through to someone in the UK! It soon becomes clear that we have been put through to a sales person who transfers us to the technical department. On hold for a while and then the call is cut off. Third time lucky? Another age on hold and get through to another low call quality call centre. They want us to try the SIM in the old phone and actually ring back! As it works on the old phone and the new one wasn't bought through O2, they wash their hands of it despite me pointing out that it seems to be a common problem when a SIM goes to a new phone. absolutely useless. Why did it have to take hours to get to even this unsatisfactory result?

Whilst on hold, I find a suggestion to turn off 4G calling on a forum. This works! Also, getting O2 to add an unadvertised free bolt on may sort the problem out - but that's a battle for next weekend.

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Good use of the forum search facility there @LeMarchand 👍

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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