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New handset advice

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I am looking for a new handset. I am not the best at tech and currently have a three year old Sony Xperia. Prior to this handset I was used to Samsung. As with everyone my phone contains my life.
Owing to remote working my phone has to contain a multitude of apps for work which take up a vast amount of storage. I have recently discovered I cannot transfer apps to my sd card owing to Sonys security. I need a new handset!
It needs to be android and the transfer of data needs to be easy and smooth. I need either significant memory or the ability to store most apps on an sd card. I'm not looking to spend a fortune but a good camera for nature pics and a fairly simplistic navigation system would be nice. Any ideas?
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It all depends on budget.

One phone that jumps to mind is the Motorola G100 as it can be used with a screen and then you can use a keyboard and mice.. and is £400 sim free

Then you have the Samsung A range which are good value

If you search Youtube for a channel called TechSpurt he does the best value handsets review for under £200 etc, and is worth a watch
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I also have a Planet Computers Gemini

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I’ve been out of the Android game for a while but if I was going for one I’d go Samsung. When I was with them I liked how the phones were supported.

Also try One Plus. They were great back in the day but not sure now.

Hopefully, someone else can add some more details for you.

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