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I've not been with O2 for 24hr and I am already fed up with it. They sent me an email asking if I was happy but guess what the link to click here didn't work so I emailed them a reply via their message and I got that returned, not that the email O2 sent had nothing about noreply. I am waiting for my old number to come across too, I feel I have gone back in time for how long everything takes if it wasn't for the TV package I would have stayed with GiffGaff who incidentally use this network but the two companies are like chalk and cheese. My god what have I got myself into. 

My reply to their email am I happy?


Interesting message the link to click here to take survey doesn’t work or at least it didn’t for me.


I can tell you that the transition of keeping my number is so slow, I rang 202 yesterday and provided the PAC code and the telephone number soon after this my number is constantly engaged and we are almost through half of the next day and still I don’t have my number, I can’t understand why. If this is how O2 works god help me, I didn’t join O2 from choice I was more than happy with GiffGaff who as you know uses your network and the transition with them was done in minuets rather than days.


So to answer your question ‘Happy with your purchase experience’? the answer is NO


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We're just customers like you but it sounds as if you need someone to access your account which can't be done from here.

Give O2 a call on 0344 809 0202.

Or you can message O2 on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (, hopefully they should be able to help.

You can also call them on Skype Guide: A Guide to Skype 

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