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Losing the will to live with o2 customer service

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I upgraded my o2 package to two iphones and an ipad pro last year when the iphone 7s were released primarily as i was told i would recieve the 20% family and friends discounts (i have proof on email and o2 chat of this). Upon receiving the phones (we preordered), i sent off the text messages to recieve the discounts (all of which i have proof of) but was subsequently not granted the discount (roughly ten days after sending the text message i got an automated repsonse saying that the addresses on the accounts were different; i only have one address on my account).


I then spent the next six months phoning o2 (roughly a couple of times a week), being passed from pillar to post, and spending what felt like a lifetime sat in the call queues to always get the same response:


1) The person on the end of the phone had to speak to their manager

2) Their manager passed me through to another department

3) The new person on the phone would have a look and not understand why the discount would work and would ask me to let them have a look into it and call me back

4) i would wait for 2/3 days for a response, one wouldnt come so i would call back

5) repeat steps 1) to 3), i tell the new person on the phone the story, they tell me that their resolution would be to go in store

6) I go in store, they say "we cant deal with that, it's an online only thing" and would offer to let me sit in their store and call the number

7) I call back, get to step 4) and they say "this may take a few hours and we really dont think you should wait on the phone, we promise to call back" 

😎 I lose the will to live, and decide to not call for a few months as it has literally given me anxiety and stress trying to get someone to actually look into the account


Roll forward a few months, o2 start texting the secondary number on my account saying we're entitled to a family and friends discount... (!!) Amazing news, so my other half phones the number and they say they have to speak to the account holder only. I call back and there's no such records on their system..!!!!


So, frustrated, I leave it again for another month. O2 then stop paying Spotify for my premium subscription, i have to call back again...


Last Sunday insued the repeat of all of the above steps; i've tried talking to o2 chat and not having any luck... Can someone with the power to resolve the issue please get in touch with me? As a customer spending 200 a month on my contract, i reckon I'm owed the best part of 400 in discounts as a result of the above. I'm currently awaiting the new iPhone X and think i have two options:


A) Have o2 sort the issue out ahead of upgrading

B) Cancel my o2 contract, return my phones and cite a material breach of contract for not continuing my contract.

I dont really want to put this on a public forum, but i have no options as literally no-one ever speaks to me more than once, and it is genuinely giving me chest pains even writing this note! 


Can someone please respond?





PS - I'll be severly frustrated if the response is "Tom, we're the online forum team, we cant make outbound calls, please call 202" so please dont respond like this.

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Hi @Anonymous we are all customers like you here so we can’t action anything on your behalf but if you do cancel then you will be liable for any fees outstanding unless o2 upheld a complaint 

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Thanks for getting in touch; do you know if there's any way that I can take this up with someone who might be able to take me out of the infinite loop that it's o2's customer service? I feel like everyone i speak to get's my point but then no-one ever resolves it...! Is there any way of emailing o2?

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Hi @Anonymous you can complain via the links I have posted for you. Resolver usually is quicker. You can google the o2 CEO email address & email his office. We aren’t allowed to give it out on here

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Excellent, will check out the links now

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Good luck & let us know how you get on 

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@AnonymousResolver has a good reputation for getting things sorted. You should try them from the link given by @Anonymous

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Personally I’d just leave and go elsewhere.
Refuse to pay and take o2 to court for breach of contract.
Actually just threatening them with this may get a response from the ceo’s office.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Hi @Anonymous Very sorry to read about your negative experience with this! Sounds very frustrating indeed. 😞 I'm going to drop you a quick PM (private message) to discuss in more detail to see if we can help you out in any way.

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