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If I upgrade from pay and go can I use a recorded WAV or MP4 as my voicemail message?

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I use my mobile for my business and I have a WAV file I would like to use as my voicemail message. I am currently on pay and go and cannot upload a voicemail message. If I upgrade from pay and go can I then upload my WAV file or is that just not an option on O2?
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Hi @Anonymous and Welcome to the forum,

I have looked at this too and I'm afraid it's not possible with O2 Voicemail both on Payg or Pay Monthly / Business Account.

I wanted to use the Liam Neeson speech out of The film 'Taken'

You can record a person greeting but that's it.

I did try playing the speech when personalising my greeting but it didn't sound so good this way.

O2 Voicemail Link :

Slightly Off Topic ~ but as your using your phone for Business you may want to consider moving from Payg to a Business Account to see if you can obtain more services / allowances.
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The only way is to play the wave file on another device and record it as your personal voicemail greeting.
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