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I was an o2 customer and then discovered that I had been changed to a Business account

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I was an o2 customer for several years and then discovered that I had been changed to a Business account without my knowledge and that Aerial was acting on behalf of o2. I also recently discovered that I have a verbal contract with Aerial to which I have no knowledge and it runs for another two years and if I wish to cancel I must pay the monthly fee for that period. I think that I have been dupped.


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Have you asked for any proof, for example, that they recorded the conversation which they would usually do?

You do want the recording, when and how the contract was sent to you. Any communication. because I had NONE! They also would have to prove that you have been given the legal cool-off time. 

I have been back and force and made me miserable but I am getting there.

I filed a complaint on and asked Aerial Direct for a Letter of deadlock and all the good gesture solutions came in. I didn't take any as they were not acceptable. 

If you deal with the senior manager John from Aerial Direct, just know he is a little coward and likes to hide under his table. File a complaint on communication ombudsman and also ask for a refund 


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@closer - how long did this take? Have you received your refund yet? And last but not least, how did Aerial Direct manage to get you as a customer in the first place?


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