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I have been an O2 customer for around 15 years and have multiple lines on my account.  I recently upgraded one of the lines and ordered a new phone and new contract.  I was told that I have 14 days to be able to return the device and cancel the upgrade  ( I had done this many times before).  After day 2 of receiving the phone, I have tried to ask O2 to arrange for me to return the phone and cancel the upgrade, over the next 7-9 days, I have called O2 each day and after an average wait 3hours on hold to speak to someone. I am then put through to an agent, who verify my details for security and asks why I want to return the phone, what is wrong with it, am I sure etc.  They then place my call on hold again for an average of 40 minutes, come back on the line and say they need to transfer my call to another department.  A further 60-120 minutes of being on hold, I finally reach that other dept and have to go through security all over again, when I speak to this dept they tell me I have to pay £1,290 to cancel my contract, I tell them this is incorrect and then they say "ah yes sorry, I need to transfer your call to customer services” (the first people I spoke with), and so start the loop of pain all over again.  I have called each day all week ( a total of 15 hours in total) and despite asking to speak to a supervisor (and told none are available), I am still unable to speak to anyone to be able to return the phone to O2 and my 14 days will expire in 2 days’ time at which point my cooling off period expires and I will be stuck with the phone and contract.  I can genuinely say that at the age of 44, I have never ever experienced anything as painful, frustrating or time consuming as this. I simply want someone to send me a jiffy bag to return my phone, as I am told you cannot do this online or in a store !

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There's not a lot to be said

Customer service has gone down rapidly over the past few years to a point whereby it's not fit for purpose

All you can do is persevere with customer service as we are all customers on here with no input from O2 personel

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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That's the state of play now. 

I've only been on the Community for two years and seen customer service deteriorate more in that short time.

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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I would try a slightly different tactic at this stage.  The social media team at O2 are well-regarded ; why don't you give them a try ? They tend to take two or three days to respond and might need a couple of reminders but that has got to be better than hanging on the 'phone with no resolution in sight.  


You have already been provided with the social media contact details by @jonsie


Good luck. 👍 

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