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If anyone has an hour or so to spare or is totally bored please feel free to read the four emails I have sent the complaints department in respect to my ongoing issue with trying to get one single handset delivered! (I still do not have it)


My patience is wearing thin

Here goes..........:

I am writing in respect to the above account and would like to express my complete and utter dissatisfaction with both o2 and your delivery service UK Mail.

The following is the unbelievable events that have happened since Monday 3rd August the day I contacted o2 to order a new phone for my son on the above mobile number:

Monday 3rd August
I spoke to an adviser and discussed the iPhone 5s which I wanted to order for my son. The order was then completed on line Monday evening with a delivery date of Tuesday 4th August between the hours of 12pm-6pm. I had arranged for this to be delivered to my work address as no one would have been at home to sign for the delivery. Please note that I paid an extra £3.99 for this delivery together with an initial payment of £69.99.

Tuesday 4th August
The phone did not arrive between these hours and I waited at work until 6.30pm. I contacted an on line advisor who could not give me any reason why my phone had not been delivered. She informed me that she would arrange for my order to be put on priority delivery for Wednesday 5th August.

Wednesday 5th August
I called o2 to check on the status of my order and was told it was out for delivery between the hours of 1-5pm. At 4.50pm I once again had to call o2 to find out where the phone was and the advisor I spoke to contacted UK Mail and then told me that UK Mail had a delay with their delivery van this morning and that it had left 3hrs late. She said to not go as did not want me to miss the delivery as it was definitely on its way to me. She gave UK Mail my mobile number as the person she spoke to was going to contact the driver to give him my number so he could let me know how long he would be. I waited outside of work in the rain for a while then sat in my car which is parked directly outside the door to my office and waited there until 6.50pm which I think was long enough as I finish work at 5pm normally. I had informed the advisor that my son was going away with friends in the morning and that he needed it to take with him.

I called UK Mail myself as your advisor had given me their number. The lady I spoke to did not have any information about a late delivery and could only tell me that it said it was being delivered between 1-5pm.

I then rang o2 on the way home and after a very long wait once again spoke to an advisor and explained everything over again and he said it would definitely be out for delivery tomorrow (Thursday). I asked for a manager to call me back around 7.15pm once I had got home. I never received a call from anybody.

Thursday 6th August
By this time I was slowly loosing my patience with both o2 and UK Mail. I once again had to call o2 to chase my phone as not one of your customer service advisor had called me to let me know what was happening. Again I was told it was out for delivery between 1-5pm. I mentioned that I had requested a call back from a Manager but had not received any call. The advisor said that it can take up to 48hrs for a call back from a Manager to which I told her that I was not informed of this when I requested the original call back. She logged my request for a call back from a manager.

Around 4.30pm I called o2 again as still was not in receipt of my phone. I was then told the very disappointing news that apparently UK Mail could not find my work address both on Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th and told your advisor that they tried to call me. I had no missed calls from any unknown number on either of these days.

Your advisor told me that she had UK Mail on the other line and was going to put me through to them, I then immediately got cut off so I GAVE UP.

I called once home and after another 30 minute wait I informed the advisor of everything that had been happening and asked to be put through to a manager, she put me on hold and then came back to say the manager was in a meeting.

I was then transferred to customer services who asked all security question again and your advisor contacted UK Mail while I was put on hold. She then came back to me and told me that UK Mail had not tried to delivery again today! By this time I was totally fed up with both o2's and UK Mail service and told her that I needed this phone as soon as possible or I will be cancelling both my son's and my contract and asked her to call me back once she had spoken to them again as I was not prepared to hold on any longer.

The advisor did not call me back on my number but on my son's broken phone which I just about heard from downstairs. I had explained originally that this phone does not work and switches off as soon as it is taken off charge and cuts out repeatedly so unable to use properly so any contact must be through my mobile. We then got cut off and she called me back on my phone.

She did try to get them to delivery the phone to my home address that evening but this was not possible but she said she would try to get it delivered between 8.00am and 12.00pm (she could have said 1pm I was not clear on this). I told her that I do not start work until 9am and that there would be no one there to take in the delivery until this time and that is why I had originally paid extra for a timed delivery.

At this time I was getting annoyed at the whole situation and apologised for being frustrated.

I asked for her to call UK Mail and arrange for it to be delivered between 9am-11am as I was leaving the office at 12.00pm to go and meet my son in Dorset that afternoon. I had no further contact with this advisor to confirm if this was possible or not.

Friday 7th August
11.40am, NO PHONE. Once again I had to chase the whereabouts of this phone and told the advisor that I eventually got through to, to please look at my notes and call me back with an explanation of what was happening as I was not going to hold on any more as was at work and would be leaving around 12.00pm the latest and did not have the luxury of time to waste.

12.20pm approximately - NO CALL BACK AND NO PHONE.

I then had to call again and got through around 12.42pm and spoke to yet another advisor who informed me that the previous advisor had tried to call me back but it would not connect. I checked which number they had for me and he had obviously taken down the incorrect number. I cannot quite comprehend how this can happen as he was obviously not going to try to contact me again, maybe he should have looked at my account and checked the number?

The second advisor told me the notes said it was out for delivery between 1-5pm. I did say something to the effect that I was not putting up with this for much longer and would he call back UK Mail to find out what was going on to which he replied 'What should I tell them if they say 1-5pm for delivery? I then said that I was not going to tell him how do his job and that he should know exactly what to say to them and once again asked for a manager or UK Mail to call me. I was not contacted by either of these or the advisor who also did not call me back.

I again called back(did not make a note of the time but was around 2pm) and after another long wait spoke to another advisor who I had asked to find out again what was happening and if they would call me back. This advisor did call me but only to be told that the phone was now on its was back to o2. I am sure by now you can imagine my frustration, this whole situation had managed to bring me to tears.

UK Mail told your advisor that after 2 days of attempting to deliver (which they didn't attempt just could not find it) that this is their policy.

I then told the advisor that I had totally had enough and would like to cancel both contracts to which she replied something along the line of ok and that I would be able to keep my number (customer service at its best). My only thoughts at this time were thank you for your concern.

I did ask if there was any chance that I would be able to collect a phone from the nearest o2 shop. The only way I could have done this I was told was if I took out a completely new contract and new number which you could of then transferred to my son's current number after a few weeks. I declined that option and asked for a manager to call me back at 6pm - No call once again.

4.00pm - The second advisor that I had previously spoken to earlier on in the day called me back to say that my phone was going to be delivered between 1-5pm. I laughed at this, explained my previous call from your other advisor and said that I think that he made need to speak to him as it is on its way back to o2.

I tried to call again at 6pm but waited so long I gave up.

Saturday 8th August
I had a day off from calling o2.

Sunday 9th August
I called just after 1pm and was on hold for a long time. I took the option of being put through to cancellations and explained what had been going on since Monday 3rd August. In short the advisor said she needed to put me through to customer services and then cut me off! At this point I cried.

I was determined to speak to somebody today so again called back, held on and eventually got through to customer services and had to go through everything again which by now even I was fed up with hearing. I told the advisor even though I had put up with this very poor service for nearly a week now that I did not really want to cancel both my contracts if there was a possibility of receiving the phone in the next day or two and asked her to please let me know what o2 can do to help me.

She called UK Mail as o2 was not yet in receipt of the phone from them which had been apparently returned to you on Friday.

I told her that they could not find the address for two days and that I had no faith in either o2 or UK Mail of getting a phone to me on Monday. She then said I will personally take over your case find out what is going on and call you back. As of today I have had no contact from her since which after all the trouble I have had I find this to be totally unbelievable.

Monday 10th August
I called o2 once I was home from work as could not waste any more time during work hours trying to get through. I spoke to an advisor called Cathy Davies and explained in detail again from the beginning what had been happening. She made sure she had my correct contact number and told me she needed to phone UK Mail to find out what had happened to the phone as it had still not been received at o2. She said she did not want me to hold on again and that she would call me straight back once she had spoken to them which she did but unfortunately she was informed by UK Mail that it was on 'hold' there for 3 days and that she needed to call them back on Tuesday. She said she would contact me Tuesday as soon as she had spoken to them.

Tuesday 11th August
Cathy Davies called me back as she said she would and on time. Again she was unable to let me know what had happened to the phone as UK Mail could not tell her and asked her to call them again on Wednesday. I requested that she called me back after 5pm once I arrived home from work. I did express my disappointment again in o2 and UK Mail and explained to her that I had on 2 previous occasions asked for my money to be returned to my account. This has still not happened and I am now getting very upset with the whole situation.

Wednesday 12th August
Cathy called me and immediately apologised as she still had no further information to give me. UK Mail had told her that they needed to email their dispatch department and for her to call them back in around 2 hours. As this was late in the afternoon (Cathy does not start work until 4pm) she took the initiative (in my opinion) and called them back after just over an hour and they had closed. At this point I really do not have any words

Thursday 13th August

I am expecting a call from Cathy after 5pm today as arranged.

I can honestly say that Cathy has been the only one that seems to be concerned with all the trouble I have had trying to get one simple handset and I have every faith in her.

I understand that your policy is that you are unable to send me another handset out until the original one has been returned from UK Mail. Unfortunately this does not help with my son's situation in the slightest as he is still without a phone.

I have had my contract with o2 for many years and have never before experienced anything quite like this and I feel that I must express my disappointment and frustration.

I would appreciate it if this issue could be looked into and in depth and dealt with immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Further to my email of today I have not long received a call from Cathy Davies as promised to let me know what had happened to my son's phone.

She was informed by UK Mail today that it was not returned on Friday to o2 as it would not fit on the van, it is a phone, this is actually beyond belief now. If this was the case, would you be able to let me know why it did not fit on the van, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week?

It is supposed to be back with o2 tomorrow and I have been told it will take three days to process the return. How much longer to you think I can wait before I give up completely?

Cathy will be phoning me on Sunday/Monday to let me know how far along the return process has reached and I know she is trying her hardest to resolve this issue for me.

Quite frankly I am appalled but not at all surprised. With the greatest possible respect the whole issue with this order/delivery of my son's phone has been a complete and utter shambles.

I look forward to your prompt reply.

Further to my two previous emails I would like to express my disappointment once again at the service I have received from O2.

I was expecting a call today from Cathy Davies just after 4pm to let me know if the phone had been received by O2. At 6.24 I had to call O2 once again as I received no call back.

I spoke to an adviser called Kofi and briefly told her what had been going on since 3rd August and requested that a manager called me back as this matter was now beyond a joke.

I received a call around 7.25 from Kofi & was put through to a manager. I partly told him the details of all the trouble I had been having & after a few minutes got cut off! I cannot believe that nobody tried to call me back & I was certainly not going to call back & be put on hold for another 30 minutes.

I will try one more time tomorrow morning but if I do not get a satisfactory answer or confirmation that the phone I ordered on the 3rd is in its way I will most definitely be taking this matter further.

I look forward to your reply.

In respect to my previous emails, I once again feel the need to inform you of the poor service that I have received from o2.

Tuesday 18th August
At 8:23am I again called o2 and the advisor informed me that the phone would be marked as returned by 12:00 midday, therefore they would finally be able to send out a phone which I requested to be delivered to my home address on Thursday the 20th August as Wednesday was not convenient for me. I was then told that I would receive a text either Wednesday or Thursday confirming the delivery details.

Wednesday 19th August
At 16:58 I was called by Cathy Davies from o2 to say that she had been monitoring my accounts to check if the phone had been marked as returned and if I had heard anything. I let her know that I had called o2 the previous day as above and that I was expecting a phone to be delivered on Thursday to which she seemed quite surprised. She checked my account and said she was going to put me through to the retention department. As I was out for my daughters birthday I said that I was not prepared to hold on for anyone else and would appreciate it if she could sort it all out for me as this whole situation has been going on for way too long.

She agreed to this and said she would send me a text to confirm all the details. She then called me to double check which address I would like the phone to be delivered to. I asked her was there not a phone already processed to be delivered on Thursday as per my call on Wednesday to which she replied that there was nothing on the system.


If only you employed more people like Cathy Davies, she is the only one that seems to know what she is doing.

As I have not yet received a response from my first email I would appreciate it you could take this matter seriously and reply immediately.
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Apologies for not reading your post in it's entirety, but have you tried escalating your complaint?

Escalation details on link.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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You should have wrote that long post in a Jeremy Beadle style......shorthand!!!


Take MI5's advice and escalate this through the complaints link

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@Anonymous wrote:

You should have wrote that long post in a Jeremy Beadle style......shorthand!!!







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Jeremy Beadle once claimed his wife had a small bottom.....but on the other hand it could be quite big!!

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Sorry but I can't read the whole book but  going off the index sleeve. ...

  • UK Mail seem to operate under the misconception that they are a reputable and reliable delivery company with diligent and conscientious managers and fastidious, diligent drivers. I know....but some people do live in Fantasy Land I'm told! 
  • It is the responsibility of o2 to deliver the paid for item to the buyer (you)
  • It is not your responsibility to chase people who could care less.
  • Cancel the order and buy from elsewhere or go instore. At one time O2 was a company at the forefront of telecommunications,  now they are fast losing credibility and maybe the future sell out to Three has some bearing on this.

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They certainly don't appear to care less at the moment....
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Apathy rules!


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Don't "Beadle About" the bush....take Jonsie's advice and go instore and you'll walk out with your new handset.

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No one from O2 will read what you've written here. This is a customer to customer forum. In the time it took you to write all that, and all the emails, you could have cancelled the order, gone into a store and walked out with what you wanted.


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