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Considering all these network providers is about communicating why is it so difficult to get through to them? The company's appear to be the worst at answering and the least helpful when reading off a script. I do not feel comfortable when put through to call centres not in the UK as they request details and I can hear other people in the background. DATA protection? 

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That's a normal call centre, and sounds like someone has a faulty microphone or someone is speaking loudly to customers due to them being deaf or a poor line...


Absolute garbage to even mention Data Protection, and when you are put through to a non UK call centre you are covered by the same Data Protection regulations as if dealing with a UK call centre, and how do you know you are speaking to someone overseas it could be someone in the UK who is a foreign national working for o2... have you been to one of o2's call centres? they attract bright people from all walks of life and nationality. 


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