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Clipboard protection under Android 12

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Just a small matter to discuss about device security. 


The clipboard is an area of an operating system which stores data copied for quick retrieval. Applications can access this information alas sometimes they may do this without your knowledge. 


From Android 10 this was sitting there but never implemented until version 12. iOs users should have something similar already implemented.


So is leaving data a security risk on the mobile platform and what can you do to stop any unauthorised data being used.


First thing that springs to mind is to clear the clipboard which essentially means you delete the contents of it. You may need to go into the advanced system options or use an app. If you use a Samsung you can do this from one of the edge panels.


Another option is to go into the privacy options and turn on the option for a warning for when an app uses the clipboard without your consent or for your confirmation.


You may think this is silly but the clipboard can hold information like passwords, financial details and other personal details even after resetting your device when turning it on and off. 


Just be aware if you are copying to one app to another your device apps may be reading or stealing your information in the worse case scenario.


So I hope this is helpful and I don't sound like a profit of doom.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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