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Apple Watch 7 processing killed my credit rating

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I tried to place an order for the Apple Watch 7 today (8-Oct-21) and after going through the incredibly lengthy process of credit checking, loan agreement, etc, the order crashed at the final commit.  Why all of this processing was necessary given that I already had a pay-monthly account for my iPhone with O2.  I phoned the displayed support number and they told me to wait a bit and try later.


I probably tried this again for 8 attempts or so, each time failing with the order crashing, and from three different devices.  Finally, it displayed that it was unable to accept my order because of a credit check, and that it couldn't explain why.  I contacted customer services again and they couldn't explain it.  They contacted the credit-check company who were supposed to email me but haven't.


I was told by O2 that they were only supposed to perform one check each month with the credit check company.  However, it looks like the stupid O2 order-processing system performed the check each time before the order crashed, and didn't make a note of the OK credit result for use with subsequent attempts.


I suspect that the credit-check company has blacklisted my details because of an incorrectly coded order-processing system that requested the check too many times.


To get around the credit-check, I thought that I would pay cash, but O2 still insist on a minimum credit agreement for at least 3 months. Why?


So now I've bought the watch direct from Apple without a stupid credit agreement.


I recommend avoiding buying anything from O2 that you can't get another way.


By the way, I had a perfect credit rating before this order.

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