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A Network to rely on

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I moved over a year ago, I really like PAYG! I still think the £10 a month PAYG deal is awesome!


I told my uncle about it who sadly just signed new 18 month contract with a different network! He does get Network Branded handset but pays more and gets less in the way of service for the price than I do!


Unlimited Calls and Texts with 6GB data that rolls up to 12GB.  Such a cracking deal, no contract!


Nice solid 4G Signal everywhere I go! When I had to tether my phone up I was getting better speed than my friends home broadband!


I have a landline with well known company, I don't touch it because it's so expensive.


I also had smoothest network switch ever in less than 24 hours I was on O2!! trust me I have an old good number and been with most big networks!


I got £6 waiting for me with O2s great 10% scheme.  I do get texts from O2 offering me contract but to be honest I am more than happy on this PAYG deal.


Make a call and you get voice saying "Bundle Call" You know it won't be eating your balance, too be honest 95% are calls come under this!


So simple but excellent, keep topped up and £10 is taken monthly from your balance.  I have over £30 credit so don't need to worry for few months.  If I did fail to keep it up you do lose your roll over and go to per minute charges,  I never had this happen but have neighbours who do run out of credit and then ask me "Can we use your phone?"


I have no interest in contract or moving to another network, our village had new mast which does O2 and Vodafone only.  I can walk around my flat like as if this was a cordless phone, rural areas in Cornwall have done a lot.  I go geocaching with my friend, the places out in the sticks yet solid 4G signal!!


On top of this you have O2 Community which is a very nice friendly place!


I highly recommend this PAYG deal! if your like me supply your own handset and enjoy unlimited calls and texts and more than enough data for myself!


Well done O2 and Thankyou!

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion and experience.
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What a great positive post @AztecUK . Lovely to hear you are happy with O2.

I've never had an issue with them at all and they do provide me with an excellent service.

Only difference is, I'm Sim only with my own phone.

Thanks for posting xx

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Morning @AztecUK , I've just caught up with your topic here. Hard to believe it's already been a year! Glad to hear you're still happy and thanks a lot for taking the time to post your positive feedback. slight_smile I'll make sure to pass it on to the business! 

What a lovely way to start my day. slight_smile


Edit: I've done some geocaching myself too, although not in a couple of years @AztecUK . A lot of fun and good exercise too as you need to walk around a lot! slight_smile

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