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Persistent network issues for past 15 months

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Hi Forum,


Bit of a frustration thread/get off my chest. However, I have been an o2 customer since 2010/11, so more or less 10 years. I've never really had any issues with them and previously found them helpful when it comes to issues.


However, I moved to Luton in May 2019 for a new job and was only in the area temporarily. Despite the area being a built up area and a phone mast within a mile of my location, i had terrible connectivity. I was often given two excuses, either the mast was under repair or the area was having high traffic and it would slow down for everyone (bar anyone obviously not on o2), o2 credited my airtime account one month's credit for the inconvenience, the issue persisted and I complained again, they sent out a new sim card and this also didn't improve the connectivity. So, I had to complain again but this time they were adamant nothing was wrong and basically said I had to deal with it (though not quite in their words).


I eventually moved away, but this time to Hitchin and again, same old connectivity problems, but this time; o2 certainly do not care. I have complained a few times through the web chat but i get no help, I obviously can't call the call centre for obvious reasons and I can understand health and safety comes first for anyone.


But for the past week it has been really bad, I checked the network status on Wednesday 23rd, but it said there were no issues in the area. Today, it now recognises a phone mast being repaired.


The problem is, i'm paying for 2 contracts; an airtime bill and my contract for my iPhone. I have no qualms paying my contract for the phone, the phone is perfectly fine and works brilliantly. However, I have effectively paid full price for my airtime bill, but would say I've only received 80% of the service. Should I stop paying my airtime bill, I run risk of late payment/defaulting which would damage my credit score. So how can I possibly be compensated for persistent failure from o2 to fully provide what the contract states they should be providing.

I get there is no easy answer, and as stated at the very beginning of this post; it's more of a rant/get off my chest. But how many others have had poor service from o2 in the past 2 years?

Ideally, I'd mutually agree a cancellation of the airtime contract with o2 and walk away whilst still paying for the phone credit contract; however, it is fully my intention when my contract ends next year, to walk away from o2 in its entirety because their customer service is atrocious.


end of rant.



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You can pay off the device plan and walk away without having to pay the airtime.

You can then use your device as it's yours and go sim only with another network.

Call centres are open and there is a few numbers to try here Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support and definitely, do not just cancel your direct debit thumbsup

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Do you know of anyone (in either the old or the new location) that is also using o2?
How is their signal?
Have you tried your sim in another phone and another sim (from a different provider) in your phone?
That would see if the issue is the phone, the sim or the signal.

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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