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spam e-mail

i stupidly opened an e-mail from tescos { at the time was looking for something on tescos website} then took my eye off the ball and opened up a spam e-mail. i realised straight away and contacted 02 through live chat and thought it was sorted but today i have been charged 4.17 for a premium line which i sent a text STOP to have tried speaking to 02 again today but basically nothing they could do or wanted to do so will have to live with the charge my stupid fault just hoping i have stopped it 02 have done a security check but did not feel any safer seemed they were answering my messages with a scripted response. any one else had this and have i stopped any more charges against my phone bill or do i need to do something else thanks in advance

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Re: spam e-mail

See Adam's help thread here http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-Monthly-and-Pay-Go/Are-you-fed-up-with-spam-calls-and-texts-Follow-...
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Re: spam e-mail

There will be a contact number on PhonePayPlus if you enter the short code.  Unfortunately it's all to easy to fall foul of these scammers.