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What will WE get

With the text received today it has got me thinking, O2 can shove their 25% extra data for 6 months. If I wanted more data I would have got a bigger contract. What can we realistically expect from O2 to at least apologise for the disgusting way we have been treated with near enough no communication but there processes to take our money run flawlessly

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Re: What will WE get

asked that exact question earlier i even asked them to cancel the first monthly device payment and they said i get nothing. i already have 20gb data what do i need a extra 25% for....

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Re: What will WE get

Shouldn't it be Apple who should be apologizing to you, and not o2...

The way i see it is Apple are:
1. prioritising their own customers in order to make and extra 10-20% profit on each handset,
2.they have not manufactured enough handsets of all models and storage capacity
3. They same thing happens every year with Apple.

I also think you should have a look round the other UK networks and see that o2 are not alone in this, and to be honest its better than nothing, the forum on MacRumors is quite a good read...

If you are not happy then cancel your order and try your look elsewhere, and you will find the same zero stock (odd stores here and there may have 1 or 2)..

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Re: What will WE get

No offers but on Samsung but it would be no use as unable to receive any data I've used 200Mb in the last month from a 1Gb package and that is only to connect my sat nav to access traffic Data while out of area, at home location only get delayed text and some phone calls when the wind and rain allow its crap and will be moving on at end of contract
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Re: What will WE get

Okay it may be Apples fault but it is O2 who has made these bad sentiments because of their downright shambolic communication between them and customers.

Will O2 go for any compensation with Apple due to cancelled contracts/ missed opportunities. Would be interesting to find out.

While I appreciate other networks have issues, O2 are burying their head in the sand buying 48 hours each time with unhelpful and vague 'updates'. Where is someone high up publically apologising to us affected customers similar to EE? While I have not looked into it further, many networks are saying I can get the model I want (7 128GB Matte Black) this week on contract. Admittedly they could be doing the same as O2.

What's better than nothing? We have precisely that - NOTHING! Hardly an update either.

Also, I don't think this type of service breakdown does happen every year with Apple devices. O2 clearly this year allowed people to preorder before 16th knowing full well they would not receive a phone but the website not stating this. A CS rep even said to me today that it was a mistake to do that.

It's easy to say move on and cancel your contract, I have had my with an iPhone for 10 years since day one, I would expect a little more from O2 as a sign of appreciation for customer loyalty
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Re: What will WE get

Hi @Anonymous,

Sorry to hear that you're not happy. I posted an update here earlier today. As any new info is available, we shall update the page below also:


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