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Updating my IPhone 5 from 3GS help!!!!!

Hey everybody...wondering if someone can help me....I'm a newbie to upgrading Iphone to Iphone...


What is the best way for me to make sure I get everything from my iphone 3gs to iPhone 5. I have a lot of apps I dont want to lose such as Tom Tom...


Am I best just backing up my 3gs then plugging my iphone 5 in and running the sync??


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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Re: Updating my IPhone 5 from 3GS help!!!!!

backup 3gs

then restore or if you have not setup the 5 set up as old phone name in itunes

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Re: Updating my IPhone 5 from 3GS help!!!!!

Plug your 3gs into your itunes, back it up (right click>back up) and then transfer all of your purchases (right click>transfer purchases) (make sure youre signed in) then your apps will be on your comp.

Then plug in your iPhone 5 into itunes and restore from backup and the latest one will be there. After thats done go on the apps section and you can sync the ones you want from the list, or even go on the app store on your device then go to updates>purchases and all your apps you have purchased ever will be there and ready to re-download for free.
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Re: Updating my IPhone 5 from 3GS help!!!!!

Thanks both @adamtemp64 & @Ajit I will try this out.

1 more question not sure if you can help...is there anyway I can de-activate Itunes on computers I no longer own?