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Swapped contract sim from android to iPhone but ported number hasn’t come across. Help?!

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Hi, I have no idea what im doing! 12yo daughter had an Android but broke the screen and can’t log in. Bought iphone se 2020 and thought once I’d moved the sun that everything would move across inc the phone number we ported to o2. Nothing has come across- she’s 12 so logged in via my Apple ID, family sharing set up but everything on the phone is mine- contacts, photos etc and nothing of hers. Help or guidance much appreciated?!  

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I'm not an expert in Apple @JayneG , but here we go...

Who was the SIM with before? o2 or someone else?

If someone else, you need to use a PAC (see information in this guide Guide: What code do I need: PAC or PUK for what a PAC is and this help article on how to use it

If the old sim was with o2, just put that in the new phone and her number will work. (You will also need to update the number in Settings>Phone>My number so she can use things like iMessage.)

Assuming she was logged in to a Google account on her phone (did she have a Gmail account, could she download apps), you can log in to the Google app on the iPhone.

This should allow her to see her contacts.

To get her photos, she might need to download the Google Photos app (and sign in) - this would only work if she had it set up to back up her photos. If she didn't then you would need to get the screen repaired and set it up before they would be anywhere except her phone.

Doing a quick Google search brings up lots of help on how to move from Android to iPhones:

Good luck, and any further questions post another reply/question.

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