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Sim-Lock Unlock O2 operator

I've got question, I bought iPhone 4 from my friend from UK, I am from poland and to activate this phone I used 02 card and I want to remove simlock to be able to work this phone in my country in all mobile phone networks, how can I do this and how long it will take to remove simlock in 02 operator?
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Sim-Lock Unlock O2 operator

From the O2 website:

Unlocking iPhone 4

To make sure our iPhone 4 stock is reserved exclusively for genuine O2 customers during launch, we won't unlock iPhone 4 until after the launch period. Please check back here for the latest information on unlocking iPhone 4.

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Sim-Lock Unlock O2 operator

Unfortunately, there is no un-official unlock available at the minute, and in addition O2 aren't unlocking them yet. When O2 do start unlocking them (I predict August) you will be able to get it unlocked free of charge if he still has his O2 sim and its on contract.

Sorry, hope this helps.

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Sim-Lock Unlock O2 operator

Whilst it's true that O2 aren't officially unlocking the iP4 yet, it IS worth trying. I was turned down the 1st time I applied to have my iP4 unlocked, but the 2nd time it went through fine. And is now unlocked. I think a few seem to slip through the net.

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