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Refurbished iPhone has low battery health

I've just upgraded and got a refurbished iPhone XR, which O2 advertises as being "like new".


The battery health of the phone is only 91%, and given that poor battery performance of my old phone was the main reason for the upgarde, this does not seem great.


My daughter has a refurbishd iPhone XR, and her battery quality is 98%.

Have I been sent a dud, or is this just the luck of the draw with refurbished phones ?

You could not call it "like new".


I'm going to send it back, but should I go for refurbished again, or will I risk the same problem ?

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Re: Refurbished iPhone has low battery health

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Some people have had excellent refurbished phones, others not so much. It's up to you but I'm not sure I would risk it again.

Edited to add: I wonder if you have looked at Apple and their refurbished phones?



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