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Quickest Way to Purchase iPhone 5

Hi All,


The below is a summary of the events which led to me facing up to 3 weeks for my Black 64gb handset being delivered before I pro-actively got it on launch day 21/9:


- Was due an upgrade so got the text from o2 on 14/9 inviting me to pre-order & upgrade all in one online. Did this that night at 2230 & received an order confirmation email & text within minutes. Upon placing the order online the website clearly stated "Delivered in 3 weeks" on almost every page and then the last page of the order had the generic message stating the handset would be delivered on launch 21/9.

- Between 14th & 20th I checked the order status daily, called CS daily in the hope I would obtain a tracking reference for a 21/9 delivery and everytime I had a mixed messages of yes I will get it on 21/9 to no it will take up to 3 weeks. They even quoted me 2 different courier companies at 1 point!

- No change to the above on the morning of 21/9. Just as I started to accept I wasn't going to get delivery anytime soon, I had a moment of inspiration which led me to calling both o2 stores in Thurmaston & Beaumont Leys (both in Leicester) at 1230. Expecting both to be out of stock at this time of day, to my surprise Thurmaston had stock but not in my handset before Beaumont Leys confirmed they had 11 handsets of the Black 64gb and that they would reserve one for me for 30 minutes!

- This was the "Rocky IV" comeback moment in which Rocky had taken a pounding by Ivan Drago until he caught Drago with "that" cut before the fight started to turn on it's head...

- I was at Beaumont Leys in 30 minutes and true to their word (store team of Mitesh, Mani & Danielle) had certainly reserved my handset.

- Stood in the store, I called customer services to cancel my pre-order as this was still "in progress" which they completed for me but advised the cancellation could take up to 24 hours to process. Again, the fight took another turn until the store team advised they could hold the handset until COB 22/9!

- On that note, I cancelled my order with CS and asked them to monitor the cancelled status for the rest of 21/9 incase it cleared early (luckily it was my day off and I had a few errands to run). This was at 1310.

- Had lunch at Beaumont Leys and drove to the Belgrave area of Leicester for my other errands and got the call from CS at 1430 saying the cancellation was complete. I turned the car around and went straight back to the store where the upgrade was completed seamlessly.

- Granted I had to pay £450 for the handset in store as it was now a new order and the refund for my pre-order will take up to 7 working days to clear back into my account but was fine as I'd been paid on 19/9!


Credit where it's due - The Beaumont Leys team at o2 coupled with CS processing the cancellation made it possible. Furthermore, both times I entered the o2 store on 21/9, there were no queues outside and I was served within 5 minutes and it's a small store too!


Accessories bought from the store - £15 Black Ice Back Case & 3 screen stickers for £10. The latter I may still return. Insurance - Barclays Current Account plus for £6.50/month - covers water damage, accidental, loss, theft except negligence loss - for example losing it at a bar/somewhere you know you've lost it.


The key to the above is only cancel your pre-order once store reserve a handset in your name.


As forbthe handset, I'm really digging it!


Hope this helps.

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Re: Quickest Way to Purchase iPhone 5

Great Smiley Happy glad to hear you got it sorted.

Must admit I have a deep respect for you referencing the rocky movie haha
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