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Iphone 6s+ Black screen and red hot home button

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Hi All,


My first post and it is to pass on some information about the new iphone 6s+. Mine had been charging over night and when I woke up this morning the screen had gone black (the alarm hadn't gone off) and when I pressed the power and home buttons to see if I could get something the home button was burning hot.


There is a solution in the Apple forums for this which is to hold the power and home button (bearing in mind how hot it is you will need a glove or towel or something) for around 10 secs until it essentially soft resets.


I think this is only a short term thing as I see the hot button problem as a safety issue. As an individual I don't think Apple will be that bothered, however, if anyone else is having the problem then can I suggest that you post here and then O2 can use it to push Apple to investigate and sort out a solution or organise to replace the phones.



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This release must be the worst ever. That's an accident waiting to happen 

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Got to agree that I've heard of more issues with the latest iPhone than with others. Yeah there can be issues with any item, but a button getting red hot is dam right dangerous. I would defintely go to the Apple Store and get it replaced as chances are you will get a new one quicker than waiting for O2. 


I've been lucky with iPhone's, on the whole I've found them to be extremely reliable, much more than other phones that I'd owned. Out of the seven iPhone's I've owned, I've only had one that needed to be replaced.


You hear people on other forums saying "these issues wouldn't have happen if Steve Jobs was still in charge". But these people have short memories. We had the antenna issue on the iPhone 4 and also some people experienced yellowing on some edges of the screen on the iPhone 4, due to the new screen bonding process. Both of these issues were when Steve Jobs was in charge of Apple. 

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