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Data plan Apple watch

Consistently get the error code 10 message when trying to set up data plan to watch. I've asked twitter, Facebook and Instagram 02 for a week now and they keep sending links to same endstate. Number is busy constantly. I've done all the usually unpair, remove watch etc. Phone and watch updated. Person who I purchased watch from has removed the plan etc after being on the phone to 02 to sort it. Still no joy
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Re: Data plan Apple watch


We have 3 threads running, all claiming the same issue and none resolved currently.

@Martin-O2  was looking at this one https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Apple/Error-Code-10-Not-Resolved/m-p/1269020/highlight/true#M163239 

So I've tagged him and will also mention our other community managers @Marjo and @LukasB to see if they can assist.

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Re: Data plan Apple watch

Thanks @Cleoriff and @MrLav. I've picked this up in the other thread. wink

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