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Hi. I’m wondering how to go about this...

I have an iPhone XS, just started a new job and been handed a Samsung Galaxy A70. Maybe it’s purely because it’s new but I much prefer the Galaxy AND would rather just carry one phone around during working hours so was wondering how to go about this given the Samsung’s dual sim tray...

Could I set up and eSIM to use with the iPhone and swap my SIM card into the sim tray of the Galaxy? Network in both devices is O2

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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@Lufcnproud @You should just be able to swap the SIM card between each phone whenever you want to use the iPhone 

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O2 don't support the esim option but there is no reason why you can't place the physical SIM from the iPhone into the Samsung.

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If they did support eSIM you wouldn't be able to have the same number active on the eSIM and a SIM card as well, its one or the other
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A dual sim guide can be found at https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/iPhone-XS-XS-Max-XR-Dual-Sim-Guide/ba-p/1175893 but that only covers a dual sim setup on the iPhone and one of the lines has to be on EE because they are the only UK network to support an eSIM on the iPhone


It's not possible to have two sims tied to the same line which seems to be what you want to achieve here


You'll have to make a choice whether to use two SIM cards in the Samsung or an eSIM and SIM card in the iPhone and that choice will probably come down to whether one of the lines you are wanting to use is on EE

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Hi @Lufcnproud@MI5@PhoneChanger and @davethorp! We've just shared some good news about eSIM support today, you can find out more here Smiley Happy

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