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Figured someone should start this thread consisting of common issues and solutions with the iphone.


Hopefully this will help a fair few people and minimise duplicate threads.


Sim swap

Problem: When the new sim is taking ages to activate. Where you cannot make or recieve txts or calls.


Solution: If you still have your old phone and sim txt "swap" to 20220 from your old sim and follow instructions.


Another easy way is to visit http://swapmysim.o2.co.uk/


Turn your phone on and off or resset it.


Sometimes a sim swap may get lost or not complete in a server that has been bogged down by too many requests at the same time. By useing the above ways you can work out if the swap has been sucessful.


Network issues


Problem: Cannot send calls or txts or access data.


Solution: This can be caused by incorrect settings in your iphone network settings.


Check your APN settings Settings > General > Network > Celluar data network

Check to see if the APN feild is filled out if it is not use "idata.02.co.uk" "mobile.02.co.uk" If one of these doesnt work try the other one.


Another solution many have had success with is too follow the same proceedure as above but then scroll to the bottom on the celluar data page and click "reset settings"


Somtimes things dont go well with transfereing phone settings all carriers have different settings and somtimes they dont transfere well when restored from a previous backup.



Cannot restore iphone from itunes


Problem: Itunes does not recognise when you connect your iphone or you lose data when restoring from a backup.


Solution: Update itunes to the latest version (currently 10.7 22.09.2012) or repair your itunes software.


Power off your iphone and connect it to your pc via usb before turning it back on.


Make sure the back up your useing is the most up to date.


Use icloud to restore contacts and messages then use your pc to restore music and apps.


And the main one:


Wheres my iphone


Problem: Youve ordered your iphone 5 a week or so ago and are still waiting for it to be delivered.


Solution: Phone customer services and ask for an update (currently max of three weeks waiting time).


Use the online chat help  click me for chat


Check you myO2 orders see if anything has been updated.


Join in the discussions and help others on these forums to pass the time.


And last but best solution be patient were all in the same boat.




Ok thats the main ones that come to my mind who else has got ones to add?


All respect and credit to the people who taught me about a lot of this Smiley Happy











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