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Apple iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe

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I bought the iphone 12 mini from O2 in November last year and when I bought it - at the same time, I bought the Apple iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe not that cheap either - it was £50 and I thought well at least it will protect my phone.

Long story short it hasn't, the case is falling apart and is of very poor quality for the £50 and as a result the case is just looking more and more like raggedy as the outer silicon layer seems to be bubbling off the under structure of the device and on taking the cover off the other day, it hasn't protected the phone as I now have a chip in the bottom corner of the device on the back screen.  What is the point of paying all this money for phone protection that it doesn't provide, due mainly it would appear to the poor build and product design of this case.

How can I get this resolved?  Has anyone else experienced the same issue with the silicone cases?  I know two of my friends have exactly the same issue with theirs.

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Although you bought this case from O2, It's an Apple product, so I would give them a call and see if they offer you a replacement 

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Hey @paul99HD2 did you manage to get this one sorted out? 

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