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Apple Watch.


I placed an order for an Apple Watch over a week ago, the very next day I cancelled my order as I accidentally ordered the 44mm when I wanted to go for the 40. Every day since then I’ve contacted O2 trying to get my order cancelled.. I’ve been told numerous times my orders been cancelled or I’ve been told my orders stuck in the system.
Until the orders not fully cancelled I can’t place another order as the system shows I already have a watch connected to my account!!!
Has anyone else faced this problem or something similar and how long did it take for the issue to be sorted? I’m getting so fed up now!
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Re: Apple Watch.


I take it you haven't received the watch? If you had you could have returned it under the 14 day change of mind policy.

However, I will call in our community managers to help here as you appear to be getting nowhere with customer services.

@Marjo @EmilieT @Martin-O2 ?

They will be online tomorrow from 8.30am so watch out for them to contact you via this thread.

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Re: Apple Watch.

Hi @Aats, and sorry to hear you're having some issues with your order - I'd gladly get someone to look into it for you, I'll just need a few more details first so will send you a Private Message shortly!


Thanks for the mention @Cleoriff Smiley Happy

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