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Absolute Rubbish Customer Service and the Big IPhone Data Rip Off Fairytale

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Hi just a quick post (first time) to alert users of Iphones as to the service you receive from O2. Four years a customer and then suddenly every month for last six months I get a text saying I am about to exceed the data limit. Below is a transcript of my online chat today with O2 customer services, and the fairy tale I was told before being disconnected by manager extrodinare Sanjeev. This is possibly the worst example of customer service I have experienced.


Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

You're through to 'Jacinta'

R: I have an issue with my data allowance. I have tried to contact you about it but the advice was poor and no resolution was offered. I have been with O2 for a number of years and I feel that I am not being valued as a customer

Jacinta: Hi I'm Jacinta. How can I help?

R: I am sorry but I don't believe that apps running in the background (which i have none of) could be using 500MB of data in 20 days.

Jacinta: I'll check this for you now.

Jacinta: Just need the last two character of your security answer?

R: I am paying you quite a bit for my contract and most of the time I am on wifi. The phone doesn't get reception 50% of the time however you are stating that the phone is able to download data


R: O2 service is rubbish

R: very unhappy customer

R: made more unhappy by looking at your available tarrifs

R: and realising that I am paying over the odds for poor service

R: I called two days ago got through to a service representative who told me that 500MB could be used by background apps in 4 hours

Jacinta: Perfect. You've got it right now slight_smile

R: rubbish thats what maybe 10 albums worth of MP3s

Jacinta: Give me few minutes, while I check this for you.

R: I asked to speak to cancellations however when I was transfered the signal died. No one called me back

R: Is this an automated service?

Jacinta: No.

Jacinta: You're chatting with a live person.

R: Could you please shed some light on the data issues I am experiencing

Jacinta: I'm still checking this for you.

R: For four years no problem with data last six months runs out way before billing date

R: No change in my usage

R: Now you have throttled my data services, which makes the phone useless

R: I am already paying you between £45-80 per month

R: you are offering a 2GB allowance for £39

R: so I feel i am being ripped off by O2

Jacinta: Give me few more minutes.

R: A few more minutes for what?

Jacinta: You can change your tariff to £34

R: and what does that give?>

Jacinta: That includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data bolt on.

R: that doesn't answer my question about the data usage?

R: im sorry but I don't believe that 500MB has been used checking emails

R: 3 mobile offer unlimited data for £18

Jacinta: I'll let you know what you can use for 500 mb

R: and I'm sure they would value my custom more than O2

R: I know what i can use it for

R: For £80 a month I expect better service than I am getting

Jacinta: I can see that currently you're paying £42 including data bolt on.

R: whats the average bill?

R: whats my average bill?

R: so yes its a £42 contract

R: but I regularly pay more than that

Jacinta: Let me check the extra charges.

R: So its a bit offensive that I keep getting texts to pay extra for another 500MB of data

R: especially as I say I am most of the time on wifi

R: so again how is the data being used?

R: its either a problem with O2 or a problem with Apple

R: which one are you saying it is?

Jacinta: Give me few more minutes, so that I can help you with this.

Jacinta: Thanks for waiting.

R: Please provide a response regarding the question RE: Data Usage. Is this a problem with O2 or is it a problem with my IPhone? Because I have not used/downloaded or installed any apps capable of using 500MB of data in such a short period of time repeatedly

R: Are you still there?

Jacinta: Yes

R: Any response?

Jacinta: Yes.

R: because this is just making me more angry and determined to leave O2

Jacinta: You need close all of the applications after you've used the internet service.

R: I have done that and it still happens

R: I followed your reps advice to the letter last month

R: any other thoughts or words of wisdom?

R: I intend to post this conversation on the internet as a demonstration of poor customer service by O2

R: I feel like I am talking to myself

R: Nothing more to say?

Jacinta: I'm sorry I was just going through your chat.

Jacinta: Give me some time, while I read your query.

Jacinta: And I'll see what the best I can d for you today.

R: what have you been doing for the past 20 minutes?

Jacinta: *do

R: this is wasting my time....

Jacinta: I was going through the bill details so that I can check where you've using your data allowance.

Jacinta: I've read your quey and it's about the data issue that you're facing.

Jacinta: I'm checking your bill and let you know what can be done to resolve this.

Jacinta: Just to confirm you use wi fi on your phone, right?

R: yes

Jacinta: Alright?

R: I am a sky customer

Jacinta: I'll explain it to you now.

R: I have free wifi usage through them

R: at hotspots all over london

Jacinta: Okay.

Jacinta: As you know that your data is been used up at midnight 00.00.00, right?

R: what?

R: please carry on enlighten me

Jacinta: The data is used up in the back ground as some of the app are running if its not closed properly. This is the first reason.

R: i state again i will post this conversation online once you have finished this fairytale

R: at midnight i am at home and I have wifi

Jacinta: The second reason is that when you use home wifi or phone wifi. If any time your wifi connection cut off.

Jacinta: You're connect to phone data which is 3G.

R: its never cut off

Jacinta: In this case your data allowance is deducted and the usage is updated at 00.00.00.

R: are you pushing this problem onto sky?

Jacinta: Okay. Can I know the make and model of your phone?

Jacinta: Its not that I'm pushing the problem to sky.

R: Iphone 4

Jacinta: This is what usually happens and are customer is not aware about it.

R: Thats rubbish

R: why has this only started to happen in the last 6 months

R: ??

Jacinta: Robert, please be calm and relax. If this is not case, let see what's the exact problem.

R: I have been with sky longer than with o2

Jacinta: I've a technical team with us, I'll quickly go to them and see what's the issue.

Jacinta: Don't worry.

Jacinta: I'll try my best to help you today.

R: I'm not worried or angry

R: I think this is farcical

Jacinta: Yes, I completely understand what are you saying.

R: I am actually laughing at the excuses being stated as fact

Jacinta: If I'd be in your place, I'd have question in the same way as you are doing now.

Jacinta: Because at the end, you need to know as what is the problem which is consuming your data.

R: Just one more question....

R: If as I say I have enough problems making calls, how is data being downloaded?

Jacinta: These are the fact above which I've given. This Usually happen, Robert and this why we ask the customer to close the apps correctly when you go to internet.

R: So i can't get a 3g connection to make a call in westminster

R: how can it be using data?

Jacinta: Okay, you mean you can't get network to make calls. Right?

R: yes

R: so explain data usage

Jacinta: I just had a word with a technical (Guru) advisor.

R: and there are no apps open in the background on my phone

Jacinta: There are saying that, this happen because of software as well. Okay, if they're no apps open then its fine slight_smile

R: so you are saying that its apple?

Jacinta: I'll give you a link, you can update your software and I assure you this won't happen again in future.

Jacinta: You need to update your phone sofware.

Jacinta: *software.

R: I have the latest phone software

Jacinta: Its the software issue.

Jacinta: Click here and upgrade the sofware:

R: what software?

Jacinta: You can go to the link given and check if the latest software is updated on your phone.

Jacinta: The link, will give you clear idea as how to update it on your phone.

Jacinta: While you do that, I'll wait for you.

R: my phone is up to date iOS 6.1.2

Jacinta: Let me check that.

R: it has been up to date since the upgrade came out

R: and before you ask i update via my home mac

Jacinta: Yeah, its the latest one. But request to download it again.

Jacinta: Alright. Just try to download the software again. Delete the first one which you already updated.

R: how can i download again when you have cut off my internet?

R: my phone is up to date

R: I really need to contact apple with this issue

Jacinta: Okay. Hold on.

Jacinta: I'll speak to our team again, about this.

R: Am sure that what you are saying or what your guru is saying is complete rubbish

R: my phone clearly states that the software is up to date

Jacinta: There is a know issue with all the iPhones that all the apps running on your phone consume data.

R: I have no apps running

Jacinta: Robert, I'm trying my best to help you and if you software is already updated.

R: we are going around in circles

R: I understand you are

Jacinta: Then definitely its the apps which are running, like facebook, social networks apps and more which are consuming your data.

R: I do not use these services

R: Long and short of this is that o2 lose a customer

R: I won't be renewing once this contract ends

R: I'll move to one of your competitors

R: and maybe they will appriciate my custom

Jacinta: Robert, stay connected while I transfer you to our Manager. You can speak to them.

Jacinta: Is that fine?


Jacinta: Thanks slight_smile

Jacinta: Give me few minutes, first I need to speak to my Manager.


Jacinta: Thanks.

Jacinta: Before transferring, I'll confirm you.

R: ?

R: confirm?

Jacinta: I'll confirm you, before transferring you to my Manager.

Jacinta: Stay with me, Im transferring you.

R: could you ask your manager to supply information provided to O2 customers regarding this known issue with Iphone? also when this information was sent to customers.

Jacinta: Yes sure, he'll look into this and talk to you.

Jacinta: Stay online.

R: and in what format this information was provided

R: because I am sure that I missed the memo

Hold on. You're being put through to Sanjeev.

You're through to 'Sanjeev'

Sanjeev: Hello.

R: or is it just a case of O2 boosting profits by not alerting customers to known issues

R: hello

R: please review this conversation and provide a response

Sanjeev: Sure

Sanjeev: Give me a minute more.

R: Before we begin I have to alert you to the fact that I intend to post a transcript of this conversation online as an example of the poor customer service provided by O2

R: and thats no reflection of Jacinta

R: who has tried to help

Sanjeev: I understand.

Sanjeev: As my colleague has explained, that some applications use data .

Sanjeev: I haven't heard from you for a while.  Are you still there?

Sanjeev: As you haven't said anything for a while, I'm going to close the chat. I'm sorry we couldn't finish it. If you need anything else, click here to send us an email.

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First of all let me say that I understand your frustration about your data use, adn the information you are getting.  However, looking through your webchat I can understand why the chat advisor got a bit mixed up.  You did keep firing comment after comment without waiting for a response.  It does read back a little agressive/intimidating on your part.


On to your data enquiry.  Without seeing your account I'm making a guess at some stuff, but it seems as though you upgraded your contract with o2 recently (the comment about the last six months...).  That being the case you might have been on unlimited data before, but aren't now.  Its hard to adjust to that sometimes and this may be one reason why you are feeling aggrieved.


If not, it could be that your usage pattern has changed.  It happens to everyone at some point or another.  You start using the phone a bit more than you did previously and its easy to lose track.


There are lots of potential answers to why you are using more data than you previously did, if its the case that you've always had the same amount of data to use each month and its only the last 6 months you've run into issues.  When O2 look at your bill, they don't see what websites you've visited, what apps you have on your phone, how long you spent on facebook etc etc.  What they do see, is the total amount of data you used per day, reported to your bill at midnight, following each day's total usage. The reason why I bolded midnight is that the advisor was mixing you up by talking about midnight on your bill. 


So while we don't know what websites you visited or what you did with your phone (we're not big brother..) we can only give you advice to things that might be happening.


The things that tend to use up data without you neccessarily knowing about it is:

  • app updates
  • automatic email downloading
  • leaving apps open in the background


The other main data users (that you would know about) are:

  • data heavy downloads
  • streaming audio/video (youtube, spotify, sky go, sky sports etc)
  • large email downloads
  • extensive time spent on the internet (every little adds up).


At the end of the day you either did use the amount of data your bill is showing, or you didn't.  If you did, the limit was hit and fair's fair.  If you didn't use the amount of data you'll need to prove that to O2.  Typically that would involve having your phone inspected by a reputable repairer to see if there are any issues with the mis-reporting of data use.  I'd suspect though that its more likely you have used up the data o2 are saying you did, possibly (probably?) without realising.

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The iPhone will revert to 3G from Wifi when it goes into sleep mode too.
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I think one of the points the adviser was trying to get across before you rudely (just my opinion) shot him down, was that when the phone sleeps or the screen goes off is that wifi also sleeps and reverts to using mobile data.


I suggest downloading Onavo or dataman to find out what exactly is using the data :

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I'm glad I don't do CS for O2, they wouldn't have got past the first few minutes with a call like that if I did.


What an aggressive and muddling way to speak for someone when you want help!


I hope you don't get too many like that, the patience needed must be incredible.

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id just like to join in this conversation as a BlackBerry user who has just moved from using BIS which compresses all data (I was using a max of 50Mb a month) to using data the same way an iPhone does.


I noticed after the first couple of weeks that I had used almost 400Mb of data despite having a very poor signal at my work so I cant even use the browser, and the rest of the time I connect to Wifi wherever possible especially at home.


Checking my account online I noticed that large amounts of data were being sent at midnight evry single night despite the fact that I was at home and connected to WiFi at that time. I did some research and discovered that I had the option to send Diagnostics to BlackBerry turned on. Since turning this off my data usage has dropped dramatically.


Now...where does the midnight time come from? I can only assume that this is when O2 update their data statistics every day (I also had this time showing when I used BIS although far smaller amounts of data) and so this is when data "appears" to be sent.


one way to check on the iPhone itself is to go to Settings, Usage, and scroll down to Cellular Usage. In this screen it will show you the amount of Cellular Network Data that has been sent to and from the phone. This "should" tie in with the amount that shows on your account. What to do though is scroll down that screen till you find the "Reset Statistics" button which will set everything back to 0 bytes. So from now on you will be able to compare the phone to what is reported in your My O2.


You might also want to turn off sending Diagnostics and Usage to Apple. To do this, press Settings, General, About, scroll down to "Diagnostics & Usage" and then select the "Don't Send" option. If you press the "Diagnostics & Usage Data" button on this screen you might also be able to determine which app, update or software is using your data (please note there will be things on this screen that should legitimately be there as your phone will send data over the cellular network!)

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@Anonymous wrote:


Now...where does the midnight time come from? I can only assume that this is when O2 update their data statistics every day (I also had this time showing when I used BIS although far smaller amounts of data) and so this is when data "appears" to be sent.



Your assumption is correct.  As your bill is produced once a month, it doesn't require to update in real-time, therefore a summary of the day's usage is logged around midnight.  The exact time can fluctuate by an hour or two at times.

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you could turn mobile data off & just use it when you need it

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@Anonymous wrote:

you could turn mobile data off & just use it when you need it

As i dont take any incoming calls on my phone from 11pm when I retire for the night my phone goes on airplane mode.


No data is used ever at night for me !


Just to add to my original reply.

The only was i do know of stopping the iphone reverting back to 3g when it goes to sleep is a jail-break tweak.

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wifi in sleep mode  can be kept active by connecting to charger.


see a discussion here

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