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Re: 02 unlock did not work

@Anonymous wrote:
Any iPhone bought direct from apple is unlocked

But if you upgrade at Apple the phone will be locked to whichever network you are with and I believe warranty replacements are also locked.


If you are just purchasing the phone, then yes it will be unlocked.

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Re: 02 unlock did not work

Apple warranty / out of warranty replacements have the lock status of the original iphone as apple match the imei's up during the process if locked remains locked if unlocked it is unlocked.

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Re: 02 unlock did not work

Just as I thought Adam, thanks for confirming.

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Re: 02 unlock did not work

yes it is, since I had the iphone change by apple, the orange sim now works, three, vodafone etc.. Did not get this one (nor the first one I had) unlock to use a different network in UK. It is to use a different sim whilst in France, Italy, Russia and Middle East. With the changes of EU roaming the requirement for France is less. About warranty phone, yes normally if it is lock to say o2, replacement will be lock to o2. Likewise if unlock will be unlocked. That what made the genius bar people more confuse since the iphone on the warranty check was showing it was an orange phone but O2 and their internal records show it was an o2 iphone and o2 work orange did not. No one could explain it :-). @Scopex never knew that about active sims, my sim I was using was, but still useful to know for the future...
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Re: 02 unlock did not work

My phone is the same - its dreadful. Its my phone but they wont unlock it - an i phone 7.


5-6 days ago I requested an unlock, now I have no usable phone, am paying for airtime with someone else that I cannot use, losing business comercially. It is ridiculous and surely illiegal to stop you using your phone which is all paid for?


I am so glad I am leaving these clowns.


I about about to issue some legal proceedings as I cannot be without a phone any longer.


Today (and everyday) I put two calls in both of which promised to e mail me back (Cant phone me as I have no phone!) but nothing , nothing at all.


I am very very angry

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Re: 02 unlock did not work

@EmilieT can you help?
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Re: 02 unlock did not work

@APLee I've just sent you a Private Message to get a few more details, so I can have someone look into this for you slight smile


Thanks @MI5 for the mention!

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