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wifi connected, but no internet access

Hi. I have an HTC Rhyme. All of a sudden my WiFi on it has stopped working. It shows as connected, but I can't actually access any web pages or apps that use the net. If I turn my WiFi on my phone off then on again, it will load internet pages, but for a minute or so, then it keeps saying network error.
Also it is extremely slow to press keys sometimes. Especially when I'm texting.
Please help.
Thank you
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Re: wifi connected, but no internet access

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I had the same problem, using O2 wifi in Costa's Coffee Shops, which is a free service in most locations. However, I found that you have to register an account with O2 wifi (even though it's a free service - certainly in Costa's) and then, once registered, you need to register your device - up to 5 in total. Once your device has been registered to use the O2 wifi service, then you can surf the net without further problem.


It may well be that this process is good for all O2 wifi Hotspots - I can only speak re Costa's as it is one of my regular haunts :-)


Hope this is a help...