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apps on samsung j3 2016

I have had my J3 for less than 3 months and I keep getting messages stating not enough memory to update apps. There are a lot of apps I dont use. Can these be removed. I have only put 5 apps of my own choice on phone and if I want to put any more would have to uninstall one of these. When it states free up space it always list my apps I have put on and not pre installed one that are of no use to me. Installed an sd card but you cant transfer most apps onto the sd card to help with space. Does anyone know if there is a way round this

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Re: apps on samsung j3 2016

If you go into Settings >Apps (or applications) you can open each app and see if it can be deleted.
Some can, some can't.
Photos and videos can be stored on the SD card to clear space on the phone but it doesn't have much space to start with, so will fill up quickly, unfortunately.
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Re: apps on samsung j3 2016

You could also free up some space by going into settings/device maintanence/storage and deleting the cache.

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Re: apps on samsung j3 2016

Some apps can also be disabled if they don't give an uninstall option which will free some space as it'll uninstall updates to them. Just make sure you don't disable any system app that could effect the running of the phone.