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Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving texts

Hi all,


I have just transferred over to O2 just over a month ago and having been using the S3 with no problems until a few days ago where I stopped receiving texts. I can send and receive calls, send texts but not receive texts.


I have tried;


Resetting phone

Battery removal

Logging off O2 network and reinstating

Updating software

Resetting message centre

Switched SIMs instore (and waited 24hrs for second SIM)

Tried the SIM in another phone (iphone - still doesn't receive so not a handset issue)


I am now on a third SIM and have been asked to wait another 24hrs.


Unless the shop has an entire batch of faulty SIMs.....what else can I do (before the next 24hr wait that may not work either)?








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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving texts

Nothing else you can try as you have identified it as a SIM issue, unfortunately.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving texts

Seems to be sim or account related for definite. If this new sim doesn't fix the problem O2 will have to look at deleting your mail profile and setting it up again.